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Asher Auburn
Meteor Shower (large).jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Human (boss)
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Bad karma... It exists, and it's name is Asher.

— Asher

Asher is an elementalist prodigy, born and raised in Ascalon City. Losing his home, his family and his love in the inferno of the Searing, Asher became hell-bent on acquiring enough power to take justice into his own hands. He completed a long and harrowing journey through both the material planes of the Crystal Desert and Northern Ascalon and through the emotional planes of revenge. Asher became an icon of redemption for Ascalon after forming a band of vigilant citizens known as the Ember Guard.


Before the Searing[edit]

Asher lived an opulent life as a high-class citizen of Ascalon City. He was also an up-and-coming phenomenon in the Nolani Academy, scoring obscenely high on the most complicated elementalist examinations. This was partly expected as he had come from a family known for their elemental prowess.

He was a reclusive student and made no friends. He much preferred solitude and enjoyed spending his free time studying Elemental Magic. One of his female classmates (also an excellent student) had developed a love interest in Asher, and after many attempts finally managed to pull him out of his shell. Asher slowly and sweetly learned what he was missing, eventually falling in love with the girl, opening up to everyone around him and thoroughly enjoying life a great deal more.

Path of the Prodigy[edit]

He had been on his way back from a short trip into Kryta, coming down into the foothills off the eastern slopes of the Shiverpeaks. It was there that he observed doom raining down upon Ascalon. He saw with his own eyes the first meteorite impact with the city.

The Searing came and went as Asher looked on helplessly. It erased everything except his ruined memories. Cherished memories of love and joy became dreaded ones of loss and pain. They burnt his soul to cinders and drove him to despair. Ascalon was ruined, and so was he.

He built makeshift tombstones for his family and love whom he never managed to find despite agonizing weeks of searching, annihilated along with innumerable others. Recalling what he had learned of a powerful mage living in Vabbi, he departed immediately to the south, desperate to meet him. He was accompanied by his god-mother, a Mesmer, who futilely tried to keep him off the path of unthinking revenge.

In Vabbi, he became an apprentice to a mage of legends - acclaimed to be the only one ever capable of utilizing all four elements at a time with complete mastery and finesse. Feeling a soul that burned bright with promise, he imparted all that he knew onto his student - ironically heralding him as his successor just one day before being assassinated. The murder was carried out by Ridmund Altros, another former student of Nolani.

He had tracked and followed Asher across the deserts and into Vabbi. Ridmund, enigmatic since childhood, had for some reason desired the destruction of Ascalon. He admitted to aiding the Charr in preparing the Searing, and the two engaged in a terrible fight to the death. Ridmund was an exceptional Lightning, Water and Ice Elementalist already, but his power was made even more incredible with the use of a Focus Crystal he had looted off of the slain mage's corpse. He managed to deliver what should have been a fatal blow, piercing Asher's torso with a javelin of ice. Unfortunately, he was unprepared for the unimaginable power that Asher commanded. Asher took on a Flare Form and erupted with flames of rage, killing Ridmund in an instant. The shift in form saved him from the fatal blow but took a serious toll on his body and mind.

Return Fire[edit]

Asher added the crystal to his arsenal and left Vabbi, returning to his ruined home. He rallied a small army of Ascalonians and struck back at the Charr. His battle prowess led him to become the unanimous choice among them as leader of the small Ember Guard, who became local defenders against the Charr and other threats. Asher stoked the fiery Ascalonian spirit within his fellows and any Charr band that tried an attack upon Ascalonian soil met their death by that fire. The Ember Guard grew and became renowned among the citizens of Ascalon and feared among the Charr.


Nevertheless, the Charr never stopped their aggression and their blows never came softer than the last. Asher settled in Ascalon City, living as everyone else did, taking no unneeded amenities. He married to a Vabbian royal woman whom he had met during his apprenticeship, she fled from her wealthy but arrogant family to be with him. Together they vowed the rest of their lives to the protection of Ascalon and her people, and one day Asher hopes to see his home rebuilt to it's former glory and splendor.


He has made brief excursions to the Far Shiverpeaks in order to improve his Ice Magic, and in a battle with a terrible Elemental, he claimed an artifact that heightens his magical capacity.

During a visit to the west, a friend of Asher's had acquired an artifact that wasn't to incredible to her, though she stated; "It feels curiously warm, and numbs my hands if I hold it for too long". She handed it off to Asher, who sensed the power radiating from it and was struck by awe. It is a remarkable and mysterious treasure, and Asher spends some of his downtime studying it's properties.


Aside from usual elemental abilities, Asher possesses unique signature skills.


Fire is Asher's expertise. Since the beginning at Nolani he has mastered every aspect of it and even developed a unique ability, Flare Form.


Ridmund's primary weapon, two conduction rods, allowed the elementalist to create two "blades" of pure electric energy in an improved form of Conjure Lightning. After Ridmund's defeat, Asher took the two rods and practiced the ability, adding it to his repertoire of skills.


Also learned from Ridmund is Ice Javelins. Moisture is first added to the area around the user, from which spear-like projectiles can quickly be frozen and launched towards a target. The area of moisture will decrease fire damage, and increase lightning damage.

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