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Hello there. My name's Amanda, and I'm addicted to Guild I mean. Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm a big fan of Guild Wars. I've been playing since early 2006 and I'm a PvE player. I have at least one of each profession. I'm a guild member of the The Blinkie Ponie Armie who are part of the The Boat Crew Alliance.

Other characters are as follows:

Alanna Perzich (N) - my first character created on this account. I don't play her anymore except for free Elona treasures and special event quests, she's been demoted to mule status.
Morgaine Larasa (Mo) - PvP monk, mostly just used for storage.
Paige Larasa (E) - Failed Legendary Survivor, didn't really fall in love with her - plan on using her to farm raptors.
River Chivaros (N) - Preeeeeeeeee necro. Run around on her when I want to go play around in pre. Because it's so pretty in there.
Saskia Chivaros (Mo) - Baby Elonian Monk, purely mule.
Violet Larasa (W) - PvP warrior, most just used for storage.
Wardrobe Larasa (Mo) - PvP monk - does exactly what it says on the tin. Armour storage.
Xiala Rose Larasa (R) - Baby Canthan ranger, still nubling, haven't decided if I'm going to play her.

I have a second account too! It was actually my first account, but I rarely play on it anymore. All my original characters were deleted and I had planned never to play that account again, but now I sometimes do. My characters on that account are still all nublings and are as follows:

Bobbie Jo Chivars (E)
Elliana Chivaros (Mo)
Fleurette Chivaros (Me)
Jemima Chivaros (Me)
Jenna Chivaros (Rt)
Keira Lily Chivaros (D)
Raven Chivaros (E)
Sopharina Chivaros (P)
Xiala Rose Chivaros (R)

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