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General info[edit]

  • Name: Tomas
  • Handle:Tomas
  • Age: 22
  • Location: Slovakia
  • Gender: Male

I am an university student at the faculty of Political sciences and International Affairs. I am specialized in international affairs and diplomacy and I have just started my 4th year there.

Priorities are my family, my school duties and then GW in that order. However, apart from GW I also enjoy hanging out with friends and chatting over a beer or two, reading a good book just for relaxation(I am a big fan of science fiction, fantasy, Stephen King and historical books about ancient Egypt particularly.) I also like music, though probably not the kind that masses listen to( I listen to gothic stuff and some metal genres, mainly symphonic metal. I listen a lot to The 69 Eyes, Misfits and then gothic rock bands like Within Temptation, also a bit to Xandria and After Forever.

Gaming background, Guild Wars and how I got into it[edit]

My background is formed by strategies of any kind, real-time strategies and turn-based alike. I spent most of my time at Starcraft and Civilization series respectively. Then came the breaking point.

While I was first-year university student, buddy that shared the room with me at the campus introduced me to GW. As far as graphics are concerned, it wasnt spectacular, because he had integrated graphics card and had to run it on low settings on his laptop. He told me its different on his PC at home. I had no idea how big differnece it is, until I bought it myself. Because, outside the graphics aspect, after trying it I was instantly hooked.

I bought my own GW in january 2006 and since then bought the remaining two chapters as well. By the way, I was literally drooling over it when I ran it at my PC at maxed settings. Awesome stuff!

Ever since I started playing, I wanted to join a guild from Czech/Slovak community. However, I soon discovered that it really... how to put it politely... is VERY bad. Whatever guild I joined, disbanded, merged with another guild with different philosophy or transformed into pure PvP guild. I dont PvP ever, I find it boring so this was not appealing to me. After some bad experiences, I have sworn never to join a guild from this community again. I was(and still am) also pretty ashamed of how Czechs and Slovaks represent local playerbase in GW world.

So the story continues, I have decided to try and join an international guild. That was a good move. I joined The Order Of Dii, my first real guild worth being called so. I was there for about a year and made some friends, but in the end Dii and me went on divergent courses. There was a slight activity decline, as most Dii members were adults with jobs, wives and kids... and also with the responsibility involved. On the other hand, I am an university student with some duties, but much much more free time. I spend a lot of that time in GW, which resulted in a lot of time playing alone in the guild. And there were timezone differences too. While the members are active to some extent, I felt that I need a bigger and more active community. I still like to play with my former guildies when I see them though, and I am thankful for a great year spent among them.

I ve joined DVDF alliance of guilds as a member ofBlade Of Souls, and I consider that moment as a very important moment in my GW gaming history. Since then, we have left DVDF, but Blade of Souls was the best part of it. Its my GW family, with all that home feeling. Time moves quickly and like many guilds, BoS did suffer from activity decline for a bit. The core of my GW family still remains together, despite merging our actíve playerbabse with GWO guild. Its the people who make the spirit of the guild, so everything remains the same. Maybe better even, because by this twist of events, I made a big circle and ended up being allied with Dii and TRUE again AND my friends in GWO! What could be better?!

Arcane's line-up[edit]

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