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A condition is a negative effect that most of the time is caused by a skill. Most of the time a skill applies the condition on an enemy, but in some cases it affects the user to balance the skill. All conditions wear off in time, but can also be removed by a number of skills.


A Condition is indicated in the Effects Monitor by a gold coloured icon with an arrow pointing downwards. If a creature is affected by a condition it is also shown on their health bar by a brown arrow pointing downwards. Some Conditions also turn the health bar into another colour. Most Conditions also have a visual effect on the creature itself.

Conditions vs. Hexes[edit]

Even though Condition and Hexes ar similar in that they both have a negative effect on the affected creature, there are some differences;

  • Conditions always have the same affect even though they can be applied through a number of skills. Hexes, on the other hand, have a unique effect for each one. The only difference between skills causing Conditions is the duration of the Conditions.
  • Conditions are, as a rule, easier to remove than Hexes. On the other hand, they are also often cheaper and easier to apply. This makes Conditions less reliable than Hexes, but often cheaper and easier to spread.
  • Many Conditions are caused by attackers as opposed to Hexes that are mostly available to casters. This means that an attacker doesn't have to choose a certain secondary profession or spend attribute points in a secondary attribute to be able to cause these.

List of Conditions[edit]

  • Blind: 90% of character's attacks miss.
  • Dazed: Spells activate two times longer and are easily interruptible.
  • Deep Wound: Character loses 20% current and maximum health, and receives 20% less healing.
  • Crippled: Movement is slowed 50%.
  • Poison: Character loses life at 4 pips of degen.
  • Bleeding: Character loses life at 3 pips of degen.
  • Burning: Character loses life at 7 pips of degen.
  • Disease: Similar to poison, except disease is contagious between creatures of the same type.
  • Weakness: Attack damage is reduced by 66% and all attributes are lowered by 1.

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