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PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.
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Campaign Life

This is a placeholder page. I'll do something prettier and more ambitious when I have some time, but I'm also notorious for putting things off.

Ceolstan: An Overview

I'm the Co-Leader of The Amazon Basin. We're part of the larger Amazon Basin gaming community, founded initially as a Diablo II guild. In this sense, we've strong PvE roots. Guild Wars has broadened our horizons, so we're now very much more PvX. Part of my commitment to the guild is to encourage more and more varied PvP. In particular, I've been trying to broaden the guild's preoccupation with GvG to other venues (Heroes Ascent, Arenas). I see PvP as a way to keep players' interested in the game after they've exhausted the readily-available PvE titles.

I've also been a tester for Guild Wars between November 2004 and the close of the alpha, and with others in The Basin, I've been recognized as a top tester for all three campaigns. Top testers for Eye of the North were not recognized as such, but it is my belief that ArenaNet saw all of us who stayed with testing during EotN as "top testers." I've been extremely proud of the work that The Basin did with the game, including the commitment of Basin players to the alpha test during all the campaigns. Basin players are credited in the guide book for Factions, and also appear in the endgame credits for Nightfall. Some of our Euro testers helped with the localization for Eye of the North. A big thanks goes out to our guild members for their commitment. But also I think we need to acknowledge that ArenaNet provided a testing environment that allowed players to flourish. AN, you set the gold standard for game testing with Guild Wars. Nothing that I've done before or after comes close!

Some day, I'll move this from the User to the Talk page, and put in information about my characters. I have two accounts, one with Ceolstan Basin and the other with Ceols Basin Clone. Both of these are warriors, and neither has completed all campaigns. My monk, Ceols Bandaid, has finally finished all campaigns and is starting to go for Guardian titles. If you want a monk for PvP, let me know. If it's not too late at night (I fall asleep at the keyboard by 11pm Eastern North American time), and if I'm not in the middle of something, I'll be happy to join you. Later than 11pm, though, and I start to close my eyes and drift--not so great if you need someone to infuse you! :P