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Guild Ultimate Genesis icon.jpg This user is a Member of the guild Ultimate Genesis [GEN]
Signet of Shadows.jpg This user primarily plays as a Assassin.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
PvE This user enjoys PvE.

About Chiyo[edit]

  • IGN: Chiyo Hakaru
  • Guild: Member of Ultimate Genesis [GEN] (GotW Sept. 19, 2006)
  • Real Name: Sheldon
  • Age: 22
  • Location: Newfoundland, Canada


  • Assassin Chiyo Hakaru
  • Ritualist Kovit Kadavai
  • Monk YuYu Hakaru
  • Ranger Chika Hakaru
  • Dervish Buddywasisname
  • Elementalist Kendrick Bennett

Chiyo Hakaru[edit]

  • Profession: Assassin
  • Level: 20
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Cantha
  • Experience: Over 5 million
  • Miniature: Asura

Armor Sets:

Titles Achieved:


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