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Cyrael De Gatha[edit]

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About Cyrael[edit]

I've played dozens of characters since I joined Guild Wars in late 2006. The only character I've had for longer than a year is my Ranger, Cyrael De Gatha, so the name stuck as my username on ventrilo and such.

I regularly log on to Guild Wars, but most of the time I simply sit in outposts chatting with people.

I haven't attempted to max any titles, and I've completed every campaign except for Prophecies.


I am currently an officer of Venificus Curia[PACT]. It's a small guild that is very laid-back and family oriented.

I've previously been in Avengers of Galadriel[AoG], Clan Killcannon[KILL], and Rainy Day Champions[RDC] just to name a couple guilds.

I spent my early times in Guild Wars in [KILL] running around and being stupid (I CAN HAS FIRE STORM AND HAMSTRING). I was in [RDC] for the better part of a year and a half, before being demoted from my position as Officer and then, shortly after, kicked from the guild due to some drama and personal things(basically, someone decided they didn't want me there, against the leader's wishes). Even in their Guild History, [RDC] commonly enjoys neglecting to notice I exist. I jumped into [AoG] and won a few GvGs with them, then I ended up returning to [PACT] which I had assisted it creating previously.