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Welcome to Oak's user page! This page contains information about Oak, her characters, her goals, and her contact information.

About Me

Well, the userboxes cover quite a bit about me, and are probably more enjoyable to read. I'm a 24 yr old female gamer, and I enjoy playing Guild Wars with my boyfriend, Nahash. We've been playing since December '08, at some points on and off, and at others near obsessively. People that know me call me Lilly.

I'm a Role Player, currently seeking a non-'guild-membership-required' GW RP community to join and/or trying to assemble RP in GW with a number of friends. We welcome anyone regardless of guild, however we do expect a high standard of mature conduct. I am not interested in groups with large modifications to the game lore (adding countries, races, dimensions, outlandish religions, etc). I don't mind mature topics, so long as they are handled maturely and aren't violating some EULA thing or another.
I have role played for several years across multiple formats and games. The most of my experience is in D&D 3.0/3.5, both tabletop and computer/online.

I'm quite a chaotic person, and while I love Grenth and I have a nack for things in Dwayna's domain (my main character in most games is a healer sort), I think I definitely love Lyssa the most. She can be found (unintentionally) reflected in most of my character's RP builds or personalities. Hence the two Lyssa userboxes.

I hate Henchmen, with a passion. They're complete and utter retards, and the shining example of their stupidity is Alesia. I love my heroes, because they can always have exactly the skills you want and need in any situation, and never get tired of running "the same boring build" if that's what you want of them. Also, they don't go AFK when healing you, disconnect when filling a party breaking role, or get in fights with other party members causing the group to crumble. While avoiding henchmen use in general where possible, I specifically will not bring Alesia along anywhere.

Togo got what was coming to him. I just wish I could have helped kill him faster instead trying to save him.


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Grenth's Visage f.png Dwayna's Diadem f.png Shining Blade Cowl f.png White Mantle Mitre f.png Cowl of the Lich.png Lunatic Court Helm.png Wedding Headpiece f.png Formal Headwear.png Dapper Top Hat.png Melandru's Helm f.png Horned Helm of Balthazar f.png Facets of Lyssa f.png True Sight of Kormir f.png


I love to experiment with different classes and builds, hence having a collection of all the classes with everything useful (plus some) unlocked.

Armor is pretty! (Mostly.) I mix and match when its not, and most of my characters are pathetically over-geared. My inventory space is in eternal anguish from my armor and general pack-ratting of "neat stuff". My characters are usually sporting my favorite and the latest of the costumes as well.
My armors and costumes are not dyed black! (Mostly.) I firmly believe in mixing and selecting a becoming color, regardless of how much or little it may cost.

I love to have my characters dance! I usually set them to dance at any opportune time such as:

  • when I'm AFK
  • when I'm sitting idle in town working on builds or selling stuff
  • looking for PuGs for missions
  • on my boyfriend's corpses
  • on corpses of mobs that were being particularly irritating to kill
  • on Abbadon's bridge of Souls
  • when the party's just not moving for some reason...


Lyssa mural (Gandara).jpg This user is a devoted follower of Lyssa's teachings.
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OMG I'm a gamer chick!
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Vampiric Touch.jpg This user thinks Touchers are a legitimate build.
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PvX This user enjoys mostly PvE, but also enjoys some PvP.
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emote is the female Necro dance emote.
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From Anet with love.
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