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This is just here until I figure out how to get the OMGPRETTYSHINY userpages to work, because I have a strange aversion to red links. >.>

I also use smileys too much, XD. It's a habit. :D

A little about me, and my thoughts on GW...

Fun Screens:

Bad Mesmer is bad. Yay Gale.
Bad Mesmer is worse. Yay Gale again.
Some moron trying to epeen a rank they didn't have.

You Know You Play Guild Wars Too Much When:

You're driving down the street, see someone in a blue sweatshirt, and your first thought is, "Monk Boss!"

Current Issues with ANet in general:


Current Issues with GW:

  • Idiots who hit on me when I'm on my Rit. Seriously. Still a problem.
  • What the fuck is up with those stupid radio stations? I have about as much use for Blade and GWEN as I do for a yeast infection.
  • Unless you're healing, bring Resurrection Signet in RA pl0x. Also, learn to cancel-cast. I run three rupts on my Ranger in RA. Unless I lag or you cancel cast, you WILL not get a res off. Don't rage at me just because I'm doing my job.
  • Read skill descriptions. Jesusfuckingchrist please read what your skills do.
  • Rupt bots.
    • Don't rupt if your ping won't allow it. I'm guilty of this, though I try not to.
    • Randoms. I'm guilty of this too if my ping's shit. But don't pretend to be good at interrupting if you manage to hit something of mine. If you've spammed DShot on me 13 times when I'm just standing there, and then manage to hit BSurge, you're NOT good at the game. It just means I screwed up.
  • Hexpressurelulz. With the Mesmer buffs, and Necros still being, well, Necros, it's a hard place for a Monk in PvP nowadays, especially in RA. WTBmorehexremovalplz.
  • Mesmers. Necros. Oppressive Gaze. Blindspam. It's a hard place for attackers in PvP.
  • Faceroll Sins. You're not good at the game just because you can mash 1-7 and kill things. You will attack through Empathy and VoR and IP and explode. And I will laugh at you. Heartily. In All Chat, while camping the Warrior/Ranger/Mesmer/Ele trying to res you.
    • Don't blame your Monk when you're too stupid to stop attacking when hexed with Empathy. Maybe your Monk knows you're a dumbass, and doesn't want to waste their energy healing a dumbfuck. Or maybe, they're getting ripped apart by the two Mesmers you're ignoring, because you go after the Monk. Like a dumbfuck.
  • Roleplayers: if you must do this, please make it believable. If your Ranger has ZOMGepicpowerasofdoom that Melandru herself gifted in a cloud of sparkly magic, I'm going to shake my head and laugh at you and your Mary Sues.

Random Quote:

"OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!" - Our Monk in RA, at 25 wins.
"I think RA is a study in Hammer Warriors and those of us trying to survive them." - Random Mesmer on my RA team.

My characters! - Under construction, credit to Lensor for her wonderful template too!

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