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User Falseprophet FP.png


Monk False Prophet PvE.
Elementalist Milly Dew PvE.
Assassin Steel Bjorn PvE
Mesmer Dream Queen PvE
Warrior Gwen Hur PvE
Ranger Koald Wind PvE
Mesmer Brimstone Bill PvP
Necromancer Saj Wintersong PvE *
Ritualist Saja Adina PvE *
Paragon Jas Sandwalker PvE *
Dervish Kalara The Raven PvE*
* = pack mules


I've been playing this game a very long time now (E3 for everyone), from my early days as a PvP heavy player to my many years of playing mostly PvE, to occasional times when I mix it up.

I admit, only about half the characters on my acct were created by me, several others were created by my wife, my nephew, and one each for a husband-and-wife team of friend (I tried to pull them from WoW, but only short term luck - they both bought prophecies and finished it, then went back to WoW). If the character name is pun-ish, I'm probably to blame, and I also had a couple of inside joke characters that are no longer inside jokes. False Prophet was a Necro/Monk when the game was released, but switched to Monk/Necro about 2 weeks in due to necros sucking early on (ironically, they were buffed so that N/Mo was optimal a short while later), and now is Monk/any, so that joke diluted in time. I'm also to blame for Jas Sandwalker, which was me poking fun at my wife's characters (Saj + lastname) and also a stupid Star Wars joke (even I don't think it's funny, but I was probably a bit hammered when I created that char). In hindsight, my wife's character naming was probably better than mine, since always using the same name helps identify who you are in-game, but she always was the practical one. As of the last couple of years, I am the only one that has played on my acct - my wife hasn't been gaming lately and my friends mentioned above are playing Rift and will probably go back to WoW, and my nephew plays shooters exclusively these days.

Currently I'm...[edit]

Hunting Titles
False Prophet (14/36 titles) - monking when needed (rarely lately), Wisdom, skill capping
Dream Queen (30/36 titles) - Eye of the North (Dungeons)
Milly Dew (35/36 titles) - GWAMM, Working on wisdom and Winds of Change.

Progressing on Warrior.
Doing campaigns in NM on mules (a nice break from grind)

usually Quarry.

Free of the grind of getting Champion of the Gods (hom, GW2), I'm now offering random acts of kindness.

Account Maxed Titles[edit]

Kurzick R12: Savior of the Kurzicks
Luxon R12: Savior of the Luxons
Lucky R6: Blessed By Fate
Unlucky R7: Cursed By Fate
Treasure Hunter R7: Grandmaster Treasure Hunter

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