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Red Hott Guild Veterans [hott]
Red Hott Guild Veterans [hott]
Guild Red Hott Guild Veterans cape.jpg
Territory North America
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 70-80
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Teamspeak and Ventrilo

Leaders: Fire And Blood@, Milly Dew* , Marigu Goke, Gabe Talkertospirit, Lhun Al Khan, Blu Cheese, Leonus Elinger, Dita Deathmoon, Crogen Of Shadow, Jaded Di, Kazovus Elinger, Mihael Cro, Katara Sonair, Hot Accountant, Sir Rikel, MJ Tanker, Blade Von Tron, Fayth Arrowheart, Ryoto Hiroshima, Minny Mindbender*, Syd Of The Barrett*, St Death Dealer* and others.

* these leaders have also attained [GWAMM] and 50/50 Hall of Monuments. @ has attained GWAMM.

Founding Members: Fire And Blood, Gabe Talkertospirit, Fayth Arrowheart, Lhun Al Khan, Jaded Di & Milly Dew

About Us

Red Hott Guild Veterans is primarily a PvE guild established in May 2006. Most officers and many members are former guild leaders, many accrued during Guild consolidation after the change to 100 gold for recruiting. Core members are primarily adults that enjoy relaxing after work playing GW. The core of the alliance has been teaming together since 2006.


There are no restrictions other than log on at least once a month (once a week for officers) or alert an officer if a player needs an extended leave of absence. Officers will attempt to assist members in need whenever possible.

Interested potential recruits should contact any founding member in-game or post in discussion.

Guild Hall

Hall: Imperial Isle

Services Available?
Platinum.png Xunlai Agent Yes
Green Dye.png Dye Trader Yes
Wood Plank.png Crafting Material Trader Yes
Jadeite Shard.png Rare Material Trader Yes
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader Yes
Passage Scroll.png Scroll Trader Yes
Any-tango-icon-20.png Skill Trainer Yes
Flame of Balthazar.png Priest of Balthazar Yes
Identification Kit.png Merchant Yes
Guildwiki-icon-small.png Weaponsmith Yes
User People of Antioch sig.png Guild Emblemer Yes
Celestial Sigil.png Canthan Ambassador Yes
Snowman Summoner.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes

Events/extended announcements

News (Summer 2013): most of us are in guild wars 2. I'm sure many of us will drop in for Canthan New Year, though.

Got kicked out of FIND - there was trouble brewing as they were becoming a faction grinding guild and we have a policy of no requirements, but as I understand it, the following events were the last straw: Someone from our guild swore in alliance chat, an argument ensued over whether that was appropriate (and filters and such), another member of our guild used a swear word in a joke about it (something like "don't f**king swear in alliance chat"), and we were axed as an example, despite several other guilds swearing a lot more during said argument.

FAQ (because we're always recruiting...):
Q) What kind of Guild is this?
A) hott is primarily a PvE guild, but we do do some PvP and do occasionally put together HA or (rarely) GvG teams. Several members are even veterans of former PvP only or PvP heavy guilds. Many officers do casual PvP 2-3 times a week (Alliance Battles Jade Quarry, or Fort Aspenwood). Lately elite dungeons have been in vogue (for instance, on Aug 17, 2011 there were teams doing UW and Urgoz), See guild announcements for more info (allies, use alliance chat).
Q) Why are there so many officers?
A) The guild has over a dozen former guild leaders and many long term regular members have been promoted, as well. In addition, while regular players have had a high turnover, few officers have left. Finally, in a primarily PvE guild it makes sense to have as many people that can recruit as possible because we're not overly concerned about our ranking, and it also means we trust you enough to kick bad recruits.
Q) When do people in this guild/alliance play?
A) There are two groups - the European group is usually on between 6 and 11PM UTC. The US hott members usually are on during evening hours in the USA, between about 7PM and 1AM Eastern time depending on player. The current alliance is split European/American, so allies can be found online almost any time of day. </div>


"to The death"

"i fear not death"

"Carpe diem"

Milly's Quotes:

"330 Ele tank vs Rotscale HM - Round 1, Fight!"

"kids - you've got it easy - I ran Droknar's before Factions was released... with an Ele and no PvE skills. Hardest... run... ever - much easier with a Ranger or with Dervish skills."

and marigu's quotes

"and he blew his brains out"

"no can do boss man im --------- "or" im doing ------- mission"

"i'm bored"

"do you REALLY think we could kill THAT?"

"im REALLY unlucky... especially with guys"

"you ACTUALLY thought we could kill THAT"

"hiya -----"

"wow, we ACTUALLY killed that"

"still bored"

"ive soloed cyndr, mountain heart"

"WOW,im bored"

"can i borrow some lockpicks"

""did you two come here together?"

"ehhh, thats not your sword... so you DID come here together"


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