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About Me +

Location: Florida, United States
Realm: America
Age: ****
Gender: Male
Guild: ???????
Playing Style: PvP & PvE

History +

Septenber 10, 2009

Ok, it’s about time to update this thing…First off I been trying to deck out my Hom, and trying to GvG every now and than. I am still working on my Gaming title. I also like to GvG a lot, but the guilds I have been with are so inactive or just pain suck so bad. For that reason I have been guild hoping a little just to find the right guild for me. If I find the right guild for me, who knows, I might start GvGing again. Also heard a lot, like GvG is dead… so who knows…

December 20, 2008

Well I’m back from my break. I haven’t been playing GuildWars since Halloween 2008 Event. I max out most of my titles (1/2 a year ago???), and now really only working on Gamer title (1337 Skillz (7)atm). Kind of hard though as you can only get it at events. Joined Clan Dethryche [dth] and playing Snowball Tournament.Anyways I’m back and it feels good to start playing again.

June 18, 2008

Well I started playing Guild Wars, Sat Oct 30, 2004, around when the beta for the game just came out. I got hooked on the game right away. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Once Guild Wars unleashed titles in the game, I grew to try to acquirer them all. I joined a Faction_farming Guild The Elite of Elites to acquirer House zu Heltzer. In time we invented FFF and acquired House zu Heltzer. I myself was the first person to reach the Steward of the Kurzicks and Champion of the Kurzicks which at that time that was rank 4 and 5 of the title. I got sick of FFF, took a ½ year off. Came back, got Savior of the Kurzicks (Rank 6) in 2 months, before the Game_updates:June_2007 came out. (Great now they make it easier to get Savior of the Kurzicks)

Anyways here I am now, joined a new Guild Duck Tales Woohoo. My brother and I made the guild together. It’s mostly a GvG guild. Just got God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals and thats about it.

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