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General Info Hershey Kisser Master J E
Raven Phoenix Primary Character Ranger

Hershey Kisser's Particulars
Hershey Kisser
Late Thirties
Arizona USA
Here since 
April 2009
GW since 
July 2006
My guild 
Grim Reaper's Dungeon [grim]

Primary Character
Monk Hershey Kisser

Other characters
Ranger Master J E

My Background[edit]

My gaming background consists primarily of PC and Console Games. I began playing RPGs on the Playstation with the Final Fantasy Series.

Special thanks to Lensor & Thulsey and everyone else that either inspired or created these wonderful Templates.

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North American territory.
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My Characters[edit]

Hershey Kisser
Monk-icon.png Hershey Kisser
Conquering Hardmode

Finished -

Working on -

  • Hard Mode
Master J E
Ranger-icon.png Master J E
Conquering Hardmode

Finished -

Working on -

  • Hard Mode

My Alliance Partners[edit]

Phoenix Dynasty Perilous Feathers Reaper Dungeon Flight of the Rayven

Phoenix Dynasty Alliance
Leader Phoenix Dynasty
Members Perilous Feathers • Reaper DungeonFlight Of The Rayven