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Live By Honor, Die With Dignity[edit]

Welcome all of you Guildwars heroes that even has the confidence to enter the great Kaolai's domain. Remember this, you enter on your own risk, for if you dare to mock my great intellect you shall, as the skies, tremble into the pits of the fissure.

I am a Kurzick in my heart, and I am a member of We Pwn You Like A [PIMP] guild at the moment. I am a former worshipper of Abaddon, but not for his plans of Nightfall or taking over the mortal realm, but for his never-ending knowledge. When he was the god of secrets my mind was corrupted with darkness but now when Kormir, the new Goddess of Truth has taken over, my mind is free from the darkness, and I can think clearer. My knowledge is forever.

"Your fate is in my hands. I'd suggest that you'd be nice."

With Unlimited Power, Comes Great Fun :)[edit]

Kaolai Dargo, named after the great canthan hero Kaolai the Protective, was born in Seitung Harbor. His father, a well respected ritualist and his mother, a well-thaught necromancer, met during the Tengu Wars were they fell in love at first sight. They lived together for many years but thought that something was missing. So they got a child. The child's name was Kaolai, Kaolai Dargo. KD had not only inherited the great Kaolai's name but also his incredibly strong mind and ritualistic powers. He discovered his powers at the age of eight, when his father passed away, by summoning his father's spirit into the mortal realm. KD thought that his father died due to a disease but that was not the case. KD's uncle had poisoned his brother and when his father told him about this he summoned the very spirits of Saint Viktor and Archemorus to avenge his father's death. On that day, when KD's uncle were slain, the grief that he had felt, vanished and he was finally at peace again.

At the age of ten he traveled to Shing Jea Monastery to study under Headmaster Quin and Master Togo. He studied hard just to at the age of fifteen, the youngest of all times, become an accomplished ritualist, and a master of the spirits.

It's been four years since that day at Shing Jea. Kaolai has proven his skills many times since he's been part of all the greatest battles in Tyria. He has defeated the Lich King, Shiro Tagachi and even Abaddon, the sixth god himself has tasted the wrath of Kaolai. And we shall not forget the defeat of The Great Destroyer who was humiliated in the Depths of Tyria. But of course there were other heroes that helped Kaolai become what he is today and we shall remember those heroes, some who have joined the spirits, and some who still lives on. And even though some of their bodies are gone, their heroism, courage and love still lives inside of us.

Nowadays, Kaolai wanders the world with his Rainbow Phoenix named Empire, in search for a opponent, worthy of his knowledge. He has got alot of connections throughout the world, so if anything would happen, he'd be the first to know.

"The journey of life is best taken with good company"

KD is a very versatile ritualist, but when he's out exploring in Tyria he's either a Minion Bomber or a Attuned Was Songkai Healer. On very rare cases Kaolai takes on the part of Pillbox Ritualist, only because he feels sorry for his opponents when he's equipped with this build. When Kaolai's off humiliating the Luxons he's equipped with this Grasping Bomber Buildor the most used, is one of my beloved guildmate's build that is kept secret between him and me because if it would get in the Luxons hands, it could cause them to destroy not only the Kurzicks, but also themselves. I, with my knowledge, has seen what it would do, used to it's full potential, so I don't use it fully. There is one more build that Kaolai uses. It's the Ectoplasm Farming Build.

"I you can't master the knowledge, you are doomed to fail"

Kaolai carries a various setup of weapons. His generals are a Sundering Voltaic Spearof Enchanting with a"I Have the Power" inscription and Amethyst Aegisof Fortitudewith a "Luck of the Draw" inscription. His restoration set consists of Oola's Wand and Oola's Focus. Of course it's very important to always have a puller weapon if the team should not have a puller already, so KD always carries his SunderingDryad Bowof Fortitude with a "Strength and Honor" inscription. The last set of weapons is his farming weapons, a SunderingTormented Axe Of Enchanting with a "Strength and Honor" inscription and a Tormented Shield Of Fortitude with a "The Riddle of Steel" Inscription. All the inscriptions are perfect.

Kaolai has not only got a very extraordinary collection of weapons but he is also quite the showoff with his armors. His main armor is a full Obsidian Armor all dyed black. It's upgraded with one Rune of Superior Vigor, one Rune of Superior Restoration Magic, and the rest is all Runes of Attunement. His second armor set is a full Vabbian Armor, except for the bangles which are Chaos Gloves here. The set is upgraded with one Rune of Superior Vigor, one Rune of Superior Channeling Magic, and once again the rest is all Runes of Attunement. The last armor set that's used is the Elite Kurzíck Armor, all dyed black. It is to honor my friends at Echovald Forest for their great help with defeating Shiro. But all strongest armors and all the mightiest weapons can never compensate the courage, the heroism and the heart of Kaolai. So here is one last quote to end my story. May the six gods watch over you.

"Unsheathe your sword and unleash your heart."

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