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Mesmer Reala Rayda[edit]

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Story: Raised by noble parents, Reala never knew the meaning of war until she was involved in one. At the age of 5, she began to study the ways of the Mesmer via Reading books and spell-books. At 17 years old, the camp they were staying at was invaded by Luxons, killing everybody but Reala, who managed to hide until the luxons had gone. Well, most of them anyway-as Reala came out of hiding, she saw a young girl running away from her after making eye contact. Seeking vengance, Reala attacked the luxons during the plague at Gyala Hatchery but was captured, along with her allies, and held at mercy of Master Togo and his prized pupil and adopted daughter, Jadzia Emerald. The two recognised each other right away, with Jadzia being the young girl that had ran from Reala a few years ago. Because of this, Reala was spared. It was Reala who helped Jadzia during all her struggles, including the time after Kisu's reign, where Jadzia went again Usoku's views and was exiled from Cantha. And Jadzia fought back, Reala at her side, until Usoku became too powerful, killing Jadzia and forcing Reala to go into hiding. Apart from Usoku himself, Reala was the only person who saw Jadzia die- the guard who killed her, never lived long enough to watch his final victim take her last breath.

Armor Sets:

Elite Canthan dress and hose, Luxon gloves, Kurzick boots


Insightful Inscribed Staff of Enchanting


Zaishen Supporter
Ally of the Luxons
Friend of the Kurzicks
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