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Assassin Angel of Slyness[edit]

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Story: Angel of Slyness's real name is Jadzia Emerald. She is what's known as a slayer. At the age of 5 an attack from the tengu in the tengu wars killed Jadzia's parents and left her alone to face the challenges of the world. But she didn't stay in suffering for long. Having lived on the Jade Sea for the first 5 years of her life. Luxons quickly found her, and raised Jadzia. But when the Kurzicks started invading their city 7 years later. Jadzia was forced to flee from her home without even looking back.

She ran into the streets of Kaineng, and bumped into Master Togo, who was there to visit his half-brother Emperor Kisu at the time. He knew right away that Jadzia had been running from someone or something, and he took her into his care and let her go back to Shing Jea Monastery with him. He raised her until she reached the age of 17, and then he let her become a student at his monastery, studying the ways of the assassin under Headmaster Lee's watchful eye. Togo had concern for Jadzia-she was like a daughter to him, the daughter he never had. He didn't want her to die in training, so he made her learn under the ways of Headmaster Amara too, so she could protect herself if need be.

One year later, after Jadzia finished her training, she started to receive visions about a 'chosen one', and went to speak to Headmaster Quin about these visions. She too had had these visions, and agreed not to tell Master Togo about them, for they both knew that he would freak out if he found out about them. The plague struck Cantha not long after whilst Jadzia was visiting Minister Cho's Palace with Togo and her fellow student and friend Yijo. She was at a loss to this plague, until it took her to the Jade Sea-home.

Togo knew Jadzia remembered this place-she'd lived here for 12 of her 18 years living in Cantha. And Jadzia was hugely saddened when she saw that her second family [the ones that took her in when she was 5 years old] were killed by the plague. She was determined to stop this plague from killing her third and final father-Togo.

She played a vital part in uniting the Luxons and Kurzicks together. And when they fought against the corrupted Kunnavang in the Harvest Temple. Jadzia received another vision, but she was still at a loss about these visions. Until Raisu Palace...when all of Cantha would see a different side to the kind, caring and calm assassin that Jadzia was.

Shiro attacked Togo right before Jadzia's eyes, sending them both to the Imperial Sanctum and making Jadzia cry for the first time in her life-then Kuunavang spoke to her, about her visions, about her future. And Jadzia learned the awful truth about her past-her name wasn't Jadzia Emerald-it was just a name given to her to hide her true self from the rest of the world-her actual name was Diana Tagachi-the descendant of Shiro Tagachi and the one chosen by the gods to become a slayer of evil to pay for her ancestor's sins. And to make that final step, Jadzia had to kill her ancestor.

Heading into the Imperial Sanctum, Jadzia saw Shiro kill Togo right before her eyes before he attacked her and pinned her to the wall with his blades. He knew she was his descendant, and he was trying to tempt her, to make her join his side. Jadzia wouldn't have it, she kicked him away from her and drew out her own daggers to engage him in combat. After what seemed like forever, she killed him and the whole of Cantha felt his death blow-the second jade wind, but it had no effectiveness this time. Jadzia absorbed the damage the jade wind would cause, completing her transformation into the slayer of evil that she now is.

Since then, Jadzia's saved the world another 3 times over by defeating the Lich Lord, stopping Abbadon from bringing nightfall upon the world and slaying the Great Destroyer. The Asura consider her the non-bookah amongst bookahs and the Norn consider her 'a norn trapped inside a human body'.

When the War In Kryta broke out, Jadzia was first to go over and assist the Shining Blade, serving as bodyguard for Princess Salma whilst the war was going on.

However, not long before all connections between Kryta and Cantha were cut off, Emperor Usoku became the new Emperor of Cantha, and once Jadzia had heard of the Luxons and Kurzicks being defeated, she went straight back to save her home. When Usoku passed laws stating that only humans could live in Cantha, Jadzia was again the first to react, speaking out against the laws, and resulting in her exile from Cantha, along with the exile of all those who agreed with her.

The problem for Usoku was simple, but effective-Jadzia refused to leave.

Gathering an army herself, she and her closest friend Reala Rayda led them to the emperor's doorstep, determined to spill the blood of the emperor. However by the time they got to the centre of the palace, half the army had already been killed, and only the best remained. As she was about to land the killing blow on an un-frightened Usoku however, a guard stabbed Jadzia in the heart, proving to be fatal.

In many ways, Jadzia had acted much like Shiro did during the Jade Wind, except she never managed to land the killing blow and her intentions weren't those of evil. As she lived her last moments, she prayed to Kormir for one final wish-Salvation. Her wish was granted immediately, as she let out a scream which released the energy from the Jade Wind she had absorbed when killing Shiro all those years back, which killed all guards in the palace before turning Jadzia herself into crystal.

Reala, with the assistance of the remaining men in the army, took Jadzia's crystallised form to Tyria, praying for a chance to return her back to her normal self. As of present day, her legend lives on in all 3 continents, as the hero who has eternal life. Her crystallised form is current on display in Divinity's Reach, as a monument and tribute to sacrifice, underneath it are the immortal words which were also her last (and the only time she ever accepted her true name):

My name is Diana Tagachi. The gods gave me a focus-to slay all evil. The reward is eternal life with the chance to be revived should the need for heroes be high. This is my focus, and with the will and mental capacity to do whatever I wish, I cannot be stopped!

Armor Sets:

Elite Imperial
Elite Canthan


Droknar's Daggers
Destroyer Daggers
Shiro's Blades
Murakai's Maul
Murakai's Blade
Murakai's Reaver


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Sunspear General
Not Too Annoying
Shadow Agent
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