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About Me

Hello and welcome to probably the single most confusing place on the interwebz! The name's Kylan, but you can call me Ky. I'm 17, female [yes, girls exist on the internet people!] and a right nutter. You'll probably see why I'm such a nutter as you read on.

People know me by the following:

Ky 'Cereza-Fiona' Harrington, World's Wildest Person!

Check out my mini pet collection!

Gaming History

My Projects


I've had a pretty wild gaming history. Starting with 2006 when I first played Maple Story in January. I got to a nice level there, my main character reaching level 99 (ain't that just typical?) before September 2007 when I moved to World Of Warcraft-that didn't last long, and within the same week I started playing Guild Wars, which lasted a lot longer than World Of Warcraft. I've been playing Guild Wars ever since then despite some of my old friend's efforts to get me to move to Runescape-that didn't even last as long as World Of Warcraft did-probably spent a grand total of 15 mins on it in the end! I hated it!

Around October time last year I went back to Maple Story and started swapping between the two games again-and I got my main character in Maple Story to level 100!!! That was by far the biggest achievement I made in any games I have played so far. I also downloaded two other nexon games-Mabinogi & Audition. Sadly I never got Mabinogi to work. But once I started playing Audition I couldn't stop! It was easily one of my favourite ever games and I loved the songs in the game too! But in March 2009 Nexon stopped working on Audition and all the songs and cool clothes went, so I left that game, but I might go back to it if I see fit.

April 2009 marked Free Realms' beta test, which I was honoured to take part in. The game quickly shot up after release to over 5 million players! Definitely making it the quickest online game to get so many players in around 3 months! Since then I keep swapping between Maple Story, Free Realms and Guild Wars for games, and I recommend you try said games out if you haven't already-all 3 of them are free to play!

You might be asking yourself now-does this girl play any non-online games? Well yes, I do! I'm a big fan of Tomb Raider, a bigger fan of Zelda, an even bigger fan of Sonic and the biggest fan in the world when it comes to Metroid! The Metroid Prime Trilogy is easily my favourite game [along with Guild Wars of course!] and I plan on doing a playthrough of it soon! I'm also anticipating the release of Metroid Other M in 2010, which from the trailer I saw I think will make it-far!

There is one game that I just don't like-Madworld. It's actually banned in Germany due to too much violence, it's got an M rating-and rightly so. It's the king of gruesome games and I'll warn you now-it's NOT for the squeamish or faint-hearted! I only like it's music, and the design of the 2 females bosses Elise & Rinrin!

I normally have around 3-5 projects on the go all the time, may it be something at school or something I just feel like doing!

These are my current projects at the moment:

Metroid Prime Trilogy Playthrough-Currently 10% complete, this project's long term and I don't expect to finish it any time soon. The best playthroughs take a while to do!

Guild Wars Landscapes-Currently 45% complete, I dunno when I'll finish this one but hopefully it won't take a long time to do!

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