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Heyo. They call me Kaz. I enjoy just about everything there is to enjoy about Guild Wars, but what keeps me playing are the people. :) Some things about me to help paint the picture...

  • Been playing since late 2005.
  • Main has always been a Ranger and always will be.
  • I love Tormented weapons. <3
  • I often go AFK without telling people. A bad habit I picked up from Kernel Boy.
  • My favorite dungeon is Frostmaw's Burrows.
  • My best drop ever was a Silverwing Recurve Bow. Other than that I'm not lucky.
  • I farm. A LOT.
  • I liked making videos... until I realized it was too time consuming, and that I suck. ;)
  • Despite the opinions of some folks, I believe duels are PvP too.
  • In Guild Wars, Halloween is my favorite time of year.
  • Camping out in my guild hall for hours is ritual.
  • Writing nonsensical messages in my guild's "Announcements" box is also ritual.
  • Ascalon City is still my favorite spot in the game. Call me sentimental.
  • With that said, Ascalon is definitely my favorite topic in Guild Wars lore.
  • I find humor in a lot of things, especially when no one else does.
  • I save so much stuff for my guild's activities/parties/events, that I have 8 mule characters.
  • I spent more cash on other people than I spend on myself.
  • Title grinding bores me so much, that I haven't maxed very many. Maybe someday. ;)
  • Guilds I've been in:
    • The Eternal Night [EK] (2005-2007, Officer first -- later Leader)
    • The Sons Of Odin [Odin] (2007, Member on alt-account)
    • The Eternal Night Vanguard [TEN] (2007-Present Day, Leader)
  • Some community things I did (with my guild) in 2009-2010:
  • I'm 22, female, and an American.
  • I'm a Wiki n00b.

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The Eternal Night Vanguard [TEN]
Guild The Eternal Night Vanguard banner1.jpg

I am the leader of The Eternal Night Vanguard. The members are practically my second family, most of us are very close. An extremely laid-back and fun-loving guild, with members still on the roster today that were a part of [TEN]'s predecessor, The Eternal Night [EK] despite extremely difficult situations and trivial matters, which I believe outlines the strength, loyalty and longevity that are only a fragment of the ingredients that make the guild what it is.

What else can I say? I count myself as extremely lucky to have met these wonderful people. We're not just guildies, our friendships no longer are limited to Guild Wars. <3