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GvG Update[edit]

  • Removed The amulet of protection
  • The guild lord now gains 2 % damage reduction for each npc left alive
  • The guild lord now gains an additional 20 % damage reduction if the bodyguard is alive
  • At the 18 minute mark all gates now open.The damage reduction bonus the guild lord is removed and instead he gains 200 health for each npc that still is alive at the 18 minutes mark.
  • At the 20 minute mark npc's will now March to the Flag stand like they used to .
  • Reintroduced guild thiefs.
  • Heroes can no longer participate in rated GvG
  • At the 18 minute mark the bodyguard's build gets updated.
  • Killing a npc no longer leaves a exploitable corpse.

Update of builds[edit]

1 - Bodyguard before 18 minutes.

Elementalist-tango-icon-200.png Elementalist
Fire Magic 11
Water Magic 8
Oath of Healing.jpg
Oath of Healing
Oath of Protection.jpg
Oath of Protection
Incendiary Bonds.jpg
Incendiary Bonds

2 - Bodyguard after 18 minutes.
User Lilondra Guardian.jpgUser Lilondra Guardian.jpgUser Lilondra Guardian.jpgUser Lilondra Guardian.jpgUser Lilondra Guardian.jpg
Guardian   BoP          BoH          Heal          "Hold!"         

What we are basicly trying to accomplish with this is people splitting again.We bring back the march to stand but not VoD.Now if you can kill some npc's you will gain tempo.But You'll gain a lot more tempo if you can kill the bodyguard because he is +- helpless before the 18 minute mark.