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About Me[edit]

Hi, My name is Rob, and I'm a 13-year old annoying n00b. I live in West Midlands (it's not on Mars, it's actually in the UK), and I've been using the Net for about 5 years now. I originate in Poland, I lived there until I was 7-8, then moved to a flat in Abingdon, near Oxford where I live now. Like most teens, one of my main hobbies is music - in my case it's heavy/death metal. My favourite bands are Iron Maiden, Metallica, Vader, Slipknot and Behemoth. My fav musical instrument is by far the electric guitar, and I'm hoping to get my very first guitar by the age of...anything. Or perhaps I'll discover my great voice and be the second Bruce Dickinson? Probably not. I takes me years to memorise anything, and even then I forget it. No singing then! Except music, I also collect Warhammer 40,000 models. I started collecting them in January this year, and so far I have about 1200 points of Chaos Space Marines, 600 points of Eldar and 150 points of Orks.

Guild Wars[edit]

I've started Guild Wars on 17 September 2007, a day after my birthday. I started out with an Elementalist/Warrior, and I got to the Crystal Desert...shame I deleted him then, because about 2 days later I learned that after Ascention you get to change you secondary profession...stupid me. My secondary Char is a Ranger/whatever suits my current build, and is actually a love/hate character. Love because he kicks ass right now and hate because he got me most addicted to GW - when I started out with him I was playing 9h/day with him (half term...), luckily then my PC crashed (I can't remember what happened - I think it was the CPU was too hot, so it just went on fire...), and my dad's laptop was too crap for GW. So I didn't play for 2 months. Then I got my PC back and played max 3h/day. Now I have a Dervish - you can read more about him on his Char page (<---soon to come) As for guilds - I have been in many. If I were to give you an estimated number, it would go over 20, and at least 3 of them were my own, which BTW were epic fails. Right now I'm in a Polish guild called Extermination Knights [EKPL], and soon you might see it on GuildWiki.


Thanks all of you who read all of this junk this for being so brave. Thanks to Seru for most of the userboxes. Thanks to whoever I got this layout from (sorry, can't remember your username).