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About Me edit

Hello All, I am from London and have been playing GuildWars for about two years now. Slowly got into it through a ex-clan friend from Counter Strike Source. I never liked RPG, MMORPG or whatever but got totally addicted to GuildWars. I have a bias for the Necromancer profession and although I have tried other professions I still tend to roam around the game as a necromancer! I got my GWAMM about a year ago with 99.1% of it done by Henchies and Heros before HM was nerfed and before the introduction of mercenaries.


I enjoy a good chat on teamspeak or ventrilo and can be found on a number of voice servers having a hell of a laugh with people on. I only tend to do Underworld Speed Clear now and play with friends and guildies. I am a member of Guild:Desolation_Lords which seems to be the right environment for people who have completed the game and are keeping their interest going by doing high end pve gaming only. You can catch me on their vent as I Lead I.

More Info edit

Guild Wars is truely a very fascinating game and I have to say well done to GW developers (apart from the random ruthless updates that screws up a well prepared and developed PvE build (likewise teambuild). From the art to the little intricacies that have been noted in the game, I have to say that I have been truly captivated by this beautiful game. I have managed to complete all campaigns single handedly both in Hard Mode and Normal Mode (slight exaggeration as a couple of missions and EOTN dungeons were done with a good friend Tanis Doombreaker and our heros for fun).

I am now focusing on High End PvE and may turn my attention to HA after enjoying what the game has to offer in UWSC, FOWSC and possibly DoASC.

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