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I'm Alex although more commonly referred to as RaGe, possibly something about me getting easily angry during Urgoz runs in the past, that being said I'm HUGE fan of Urgoz's warren having gone so far as to have created THE 2 MOST effective heroway builds for Urgoz. I am often considered by most of my friends to have the deepest knowledge of game mechanics of anyone on my or their friendlists, and I'm also known for having the most effective builds they can conceive of as I'm constantly experimenting with new builds and tweeking them to perform to their maximum potential with an absolute minimum amount of micromanagement.

I am a notably rich person for how I make money, BY JUST PLAYING THE GAME! I simply go around and do what I want, when I want! none of this, mindless grind, none of this farming any particular area, just playing the game, I have 10 PvE characters all with good items, weapon sets of my choice for looks and some for prestige, eg. My Paragon uses, an exalted aegis for looks and the Voltaic Spear for looks + prestige, my second choice being the serrated spear (on another weaponset), she also wears both obsidian armor and asuran for different things, like asuran for urgoz which requires a different build and obsidian for things like the Domain of Anguish. I am also a proud (and relatively new) owner of a perfect, gold crystalline sword!

I'm also an accomplished GvG player, able to play (GOOD!) with any class at any role!, except an interruption ranger, but that's why we have daze and mesmers!

Character Names & Explanations for Names[edit]

  • Assassin: The Concrete Rose - I heard about an album called "concrete rose" and I thought the name to be beautiful because, it's a mixture of symbols the Rose being a symbol of love something so soft, beautiful, but bearing thorns, and concrete being cold, hard & uncaring, but still providing a roof over your head and the foundations for our homes so it is in essence an expression of love and life but are cold, uncaring, sharp and often painful.
  • Dervish: RaGe of the Path - Being nicknamed "RaGe" I decided to embrace it, but "The Path" being seen in a mystical light, and I had considered The Path of Rage, but I also wanted a dual nature to the name, and since I made this character to be a Runner back in the day I thought that "- of the Path" could be thought of as both a physical path, and a mystical path to follow, but being a fan of tragedies, I twisted the meaning, and turned it to a Path of RAGE!!
  • Warrior: Knight of Luciendar - Luciendar was a name that sounded, medival-y so when I played diablo 2 back in the day it was my first character(and only) character to reach 99, originally the character was named King Luciendar, but after seeing the female armor's so present around me I began to LOVE them soo much more and my character suddenly was a girl, but King didn't really fit nor did Luciendar its a masculin name! wanting still to pay homage to Luciendar, I kept it and with the now Roman-esque nature of her armor I decided she should be a Knight.
  • Paragon: Stone of Leaves - Taken from a line in a Slipknot song "I kneel down and clear the stone of leaves" which I wanted to copy as a whole, but was unable to I decided, with my love of things dual natured and tragic, I shortened it to Stone of Leaves because in the song he's referring to clearing a gravestone of the leaves that cover it signifying loss, and because enough leaves together and pressed tight enough could form stone, so the name is both a symbol of loss, and of unity strengthening us all.
  • Ranger: Barrage of Valdaris - Another Homage to a character in diablo 2, Valdaris but with Guild Wars not allowing a single name I had to lengthen it, and being a ranger with a bow I felt Barrage would be a decent thing to put here, and then VERY shortly after discovered it's a skill lol!
  • Monk: Vis Vitae Vox Heros - Latin, it roughly Translates to "The Power of Life, and Voice of the Heroes", which is Partly an Homage to the Guild I previously owned the "Voice Of The Heroes[VOTH]"
  • Elementalist: Saifal Saki - (Formerly, Blowing Shh It Up[anet forced me to change it because it was "offensive"]) the name was originally because at the time I was young, and out of ideas, but when A-net forced me to change, quite some time later, I spent the 2 weeks I was banned, for something completely different mind you, to research and come up with a name I decided on something, yet again dual natured a combination of Arabic, and Japanese, "Saif-al" (taken from the real name, Saif-al-din, literally Sword of God) and Saki (literally, Blossom), and since the word "The" is present in niether language, it is simply implied, so all in all the name Translates into "Sword of [the] Blossom" and is to indicate someone who fights for love, and a sword made of blossoms which in turn means beauty which can kill.
  • Necromancer: Disfigured Army - Originally supposed to be an MM when players still had to do that, the name is another very simply one, though I wanted (and still do), "Faded Glory" which would've been the tragic and dual natured thing I love, But someone liked that name better so this was what I came up with either think of the minions as being disfigured and creating an army, or think an army of mutants.
  • Mesmer: Que Esta Sin Armas - This name is spanish and translates to "you are weaponless" or "you are without arms"(meaning weapons), and is taken from the military saying (and I've shortened this down)".. without my weapon I am useless", so long story short, You don't have a weapon therefore you are useless.
  • Ritualist: Rogelio Rosa - Derived from 2 (I believe) Italian names both meaning Rose, another simple name, yet powerful, a single rose can bring many to tears or start wars, the rose being the Perfect symbol of Love, beautiful, alive, growing, blossoming, and eventually dieing, the rose also has thorns which if you touch the rose in the wrong way can hurt you. If you cut off a rose at the base, it will continue to grow, but will die very very quickly. The rose, is a powerful symbol.


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