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About Me +

My name's Regina. :-)

I'm a Community Manager at ArenaNet. I'm part of a team of community managers for Guild Wars, which includes Martin Kerstein (our German Community Manager) amd Stephane Lo Presti (our French Community Manager).

As part of our roles as community managers, we monitor and convey our communities' feedback to ArenaNet developers. I specialize in social media management and you can find me managing ArenaNet's various social media accounts. I also do a lot of behind-the-scenes work like event logistics management, policy development, and project management.

I'm an all-around gamer and have been for many years. I have a gaming blog, and sometimes share my personal opinions there. If you know how to Google, you can probably find it pretty easily.

Guild Wars

I've been playing Guild Wars since 2005. My main character on my personal account is a Tyrian Necromancer/MesmerNecromancer-icon-small.png. I have two more heavily used alts, a Canthan Warrior/MesmerWarrior-icon-small.png (typically) and an Elonian Paragon/WarriorParagon-icon-small.png. I have a Pre-Searing MesmerMesmer-icon-small.png that I'm trying to get to 20, but that's a back burner project for now. I have various other characters that are used for storage or have been abandoned due to time constraints or because I decided I didn't like their appearance after all (but I didn't want to delete them). Although my main character is a Necromancer primary, my favorite Profession is the Mesmer, followed by Necromancer.

I'm already a member of a guild on my personal account, and I'm not planning on leaving them anytime soon. Thanks for the offers, though. :-)

Social Networking +

You can find me taking point on managing all of these accounts.







Guild Wars

Guild Wars 2




Please note that for all of these contact methods, due to the massive volume of messages we all receive on the team, we are not able to respond to every message, but we try to read everything.

You can get in touch with the team through the social networking accounts above.

You can contact me in-game through the following characters: Regina BuenaobraMesmer-icon-small.png, Regina Buenaobra IMesmer-icon-small.png, or Regina B PreNecromancer-icon-small.png.

You may also send me a private message on the following fansite forums: Guild Wars Guru, the Presearing Community, The Guild Hall, and the Unofficial Guild Wars Site.

Colleagues +

Other Guild Wars Community Managers

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Spiteful Spirit.jpg Spiteful Spirit is Regina's favorite skill.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.