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Hello! I've played Guild Wars since September 2005, primarily with heroes and henchmen. For the past couple of years, the party has consisted of my wife and her heroes in addition to my own. My Guild Wars hobbies include helping new players, learning the quirks of the game, and bragging to certain alliance members about our success with heroes in difficult areas.

I didn't play much with others until late 2007 (when I expanded to a party of two humans); in those two years, I learned quite a lot about the game that most would take for granted (at the expense of high-end areas and PvP). For example, many players don't realize that inventory bags (but not charr bags) can be dyed, or that upgrades from collectors (like the charrslaying mods in Piken Square) can be salvaged, or that only inscribable shields can be upgraded. Unfortunately, this has led to what some might call a know-it-all attitude, though I try to keep that to a minimum.

I have a character of every profession. Not because I enjoy them all, mind you, but because I want to know enough about them to work well with them (or against them, more likely). However, my main character is a ranger, though I've been playing the others a lot lately.

Aside from that, I don't have too much to say. I'll try to improve upon this page when I find the time.

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