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The Throne of Judgment
User Shard Map5p.png
Region The Mists
Victory condition Annihilation
Party size 8
Allowed levels 20
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

The Throne of Judgment is a Capture Points map in Heroes' Ascent. This is the last map you fight on before entering The Hall of Heroes (arena).

  • This map contains four capture points. Every 30 seconds, each team gains 1 point for each capture point they control, and an additional point if they control the center point.
  • Dead players and ghostly heroes resurrect at their team's resurrection shrine every minute.

Map Layout[edit]

The Throne of Judgment has a capture point in the center of the map, and an additional three lining the perimeter of the map, between each teams' resurrection shrines. Every capture point is connected to the center point and to the two res shrines next to them.



  • This map was never implemented.