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My Journey

Tero Gein

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General Information

  • In-game Name: Tero Gein (main character)
  • Location: Akron, OH
  • Realm: America
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male

Current Status

Yay graduation! After 6 years of pharmacy school, I can finally call myself a PharmD! :D

Currently, I'm an officer of The Barracks [TBRX], and happily our guild has become a lot more active in recent weeks. Most of the time we're teaming up with nearly everything we do, which is where we wanted to be for some time now. We also got an old friend back, and are in the process of recruiting new and active players. On July 1 I will be starting a 1-year pharmacy residency, so my in-game time will be severely limited. However, I'll still be as active as possible, and I aim to reach rank 3 KoaBD before the new year. I still have a few goals to accomplish with my warrior, but those will be finished in due time.

Friends on the Wiki

To Do List

  • Save up for a req 9 Emerald Blade (mmm...pretty)
  • Obtain Guardian titles with Tero
  • Reach level 20 with all of my characters (6/10)
  • Complete each of my characters' native campaign (5/10)

Other Stuff

The general design of this userpage was adapted from the userpages of Tomoko and Lensor.

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