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Barrage.jpg Barrage is TimOfDoom's favorite skill.
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
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European territory.
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Character panel borrowed and adapted from

Paragon Jahi The Loyal[edit]

User TimOfDoom sparagon.jpg

Level 20 Elonan
Sunspear Commander
Adept Lightbringer

My current main character, has not yet completed Nightfall, even after all this time.

Ranger Elsfar The Hunter[edit]

User TimOfDoom ranger.jpg

Level 20 Ascended Tyrian
Tyrian Explorer
Has every outpost in Tyria

My original character, is trying to get all bonuses is hard and normal mode in Tyria, was once so terrible he was almsot deleted, now he is one of my best characters

Necromancer Tain The Sinister[edit]

User TimOfDoom necro.jpg

Level 17 Tyrian
Has Nightfall armour now

Still level 17 despite being over a year old, recently recieved a hydra, as did my assassin..