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General Information

  • Global Handle: Valorum Dynamo, which is also my main character.
  • Location: Boston, Massachuettes
  • Realm: United States of America
  • Age: Well I am still in high school...
  • Gender: Male

Gaming Background

First off, I just want to say thanks for visiting my user page. I'm relativly new to the wiki scene, so I have decided to take the time to build my user page to become better acustomed to the coding. Anyway, my real name is Richard just so you all know. I've been a long time avid player of many multiplayer games. My first multiplayer game I can remember ever playing was Goldeneye on the N64. And then the rest was history. I slowly underwent what I call the "FPS phase" where all I did was play FPS games and then yell when I didn't get a headshot. However I found that those games weren't for me, so I tried some MMOs that were avalible at the time. I started with Everquest, and was hooked onto it from the get go. I found the pace refreshing compared to the FPS thrill rush. However, Everquest lost its luster after a while, so I moved on to other games, until I finally found the game I wanted. Guild Wars. I've been playing Guild Wars since around the last few weeks before Factions came out. I have taken fairly long breaks from the game (At least 5 months at one point) but the beauty of the game is that there is no commitments you need to make, which is why I found that this was the game for me.

About Me

Well of course you already know my name is Richard. I am currently a junior in High School, and a fairly good student (3.89 GPA out of 4.0). I play on varsity football as a SS and sometimes I play corner if the team needs it. I also play baseball as a relief pitcher. I am a team player, always aiming to help my fellow teammates become better. In school, I have taken a wide range of classes, from AP Economics, to Computer Scripting, to TV Production. Most of my classes have been on a sort of guideline I have set for myself, to help me become better qualified for what I want to do later in my life. Well, I love playing Guild Wars in my free time, I go to parties, and just basically have fun.

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