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Weby in real life and Guild Wars

Real life

Where to start? Ok, I'm 19 years old and I live in Slovenia. I am male and I am crazy about Guild Wars and anything that has to do with computers ...
From time to time, I'm neglecting Guild Wars, and then from time to time, I am not. But even when I'm not playing GW I have it installed on my computer (it is always installed and at least until GW2, it always will be!) ... in the past, I've thought I've achieved everything I can in GW1, but I've recently realised that's not true and have since then completed both explorer and skill hunter titles on my main character, Weby Himself and am currently slowly trying to max out some of the other titles.

Guild Wars

I've been playing Guild Wars for over 6 years now (started playing on December 6, 2005!) ... I'm more of a Solo person in GW ... I like hanging out with henchies (and heroes, if I can) and I like to discover new things (either by exploring GW world or by exploring this wiki). I began playing GW with a Wammo named Web Freak. I deleted him twice, since I thought I ... well ... f-ed up something with sending him to post-searing Ascalon. At that time, of course I didn't know what that was and since I always ended there, I decided to stay there. I came to somewhere after Droknars Forge with Web Freak, when I started playing Monk Freak. So he is actually the 4th character on my account and 1st still alive. And while he was useful to me few years ago, his primary objective now is collecting b'day presents.
I was playing monk more or less until Factions came out - I've started playing air elementalist then and I still enjoy playing this profession in PvP (I am still sticking with air skills if possible). While elementalist was the main Factions character, I've tried playing both, an assassin and ritualist from time to time, but I still prefer other professions. So yeah, I've been sticking with elementalist in Factions and then Nightfall was released - I switched to paragon there, tried the dervish too, but paragon was better for me. After completing Nightfall with the paragon, I think I've been more focused on alliance battles until I've started playing Weby Himself in the summer of 2007 with my friend. It was a boring summer day, we were both bored and decided to start with new characters. We decided to start in Prophecies as you do get most skills with quests there. We pretty much did the whole Prophecies together (missions and primary quests at least) and a half or so of Factions - Proph. went by fast and I think we had the campaign done in a week or two, so yeah, lots of playing that summer. This is probably the reason we didn't complete Factions so fast ... too much of GW for a short period of time :D. But yeah, we slowly did the first few missions until he gave up and left me all alone :(. No fear tho, I, myself have kept going and completed both Factions and Nightfall, some missions with his help still, some with some other friends' help, some myself... The main thing here is, that Weby Himself's my main character now and has the most completed titles. In the following days/weeks/months/years, while waiting for GW2 to be released, there's still much to do. Some dungeons remain unexplored and unfinished for Weby Himself, along with other (hard mode) stuff, so yeah, still a lot of work, which I will finish - this is my goal - one day - hey, I'm young, I've got lots of time to finish at least a few of those things, right?

Weby @ Guild Wars Wiki

Ola, I am weby or w3by, as I call myself these days - I'm not usually the guy who'd go and add numbers to his nicknames, but this felt right. After using weby for soooo long, adding a 3 in it just made it more ... interesting, I guess.
Anyways, I am Guild Wars freak, or at least I was. I mean, I guess I still am, but not as big of a GW freak as few years ago. I also think myself as a GWW explorer. I'll randomly go lurk on the wiki about some random lore stuff, that probably doesn't have nothing to do with what I am or am not doing in-game, but I just become interested in something at some point and decide to try and find out more about it.
Moving on, I am user number 5130 on GWW and even though I'm registered here since the end of May 2007, I started 'hanging out' here in mid-July in 2007 and while it may not look like it, I visit GWW regularly - probably on daily basis, even if that means that I check if the game has received any updates.
The userpage ... huh, this is my userpage, right? It's just the way I like it and from what I've noticed, just the way some others here like it :) I like to think of myself as a perfectionist when it comes to this page right here. It just has to be perfect. I don't care if anyone sees it. I don't care if it looks like I've given up on it after I haven't made an update to it in months. It just has to be like this, colorful and I don't know... just the way it is. The way I like it!
That is more or less it, except one more thing. If you happen to come across my userpage and you like it, I'd really appreciate it, if you'd made a comment about it. You never know, maybe I'll have a crappy day and your comment will make me feel better (as this is kinda my work, to some point, and it would mean all my time hadn't gone to waste :) - not that I feel like I'm wasting my time tho ... you get it ... right?). And yeah, any other opinion you might have - just say it. Even if you randomly came across this userpage, why not stop by my talk page and just say hi?
That's all for this section.

Now what?

And since you managed to stay here sooooooooo long, reading this booooooooooring text, that I've made even more booooooring and looooong, you can continue reading and see some of the credits, or the userboxes ... but you can also say something to me (like I said before, even if you just randomly came to my userpage, stop by the talk page and say hi - I don't bite!).
So yeah, not that anyone would wanna do it - at least I don't think there's anyone who'd feel the need to do it, but if you want to, you can do it anyway ... err, what was I talkinh about? Of yeah, if you feel like it, I am available to you via Email, and you can add me to Xfire (webfreak01).
And if you're feeling lucky, you can try and contact me in-game. Nowadays I'm playing Weby Himself or Weby The Air King. I rarely use any other character.
That's it. I'm done. No more talking. Hooray!

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