Whitefury Rapids

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Whitefury Rapids
Whitefury Rapids map.jpg
Region Charr Homelands
Victory condition First to reach 20 points
Party size 5
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk No
Effect None

Whitefury Rapids is a special event PvP arena created for the Costume Brawl during Halloween 2007. The appearance of the area is quite similar to that of the Charr Homelands, and to the right of the arena there is a small burned area much like that of Sacnoth Valley.



Control points

Shrine Location Pips Bonus
Battle Cry Shrine East 1 Battle Cry
Health Shrine North West 1 Northern Health Shrine Bonus
Health Shrine South West 1 Southern Health Shrine Bonus
North Morale Shrine North 2 "To the Pain!"
South Morale Shrine South 2 "To the Pain!"