A Cure for Ralena

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A Cure for Ralena
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Vassar
in Sardelac Sanitarium
Preceded by Trying Times
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Mesmer)
A Cure for Ralena map.jpg
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Help Vassar find a cure for the ill Ralena

Quest information[edit]





Go north after exiting the Sanitarium. Nente is standing next to the Statue of Balthazar, where the portal into Green Hills County would have been.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Now that we have the primary ingredient for Ralena's cure, I need someone to take it to Master Ranger Nente. He can often be found wandering near what used to be called Green Hills County."
Yes Accept: "I would be glad to help you."
No Decline: "I can't spare the time."
Ask Ask: "Take the mossy rock to Master Ranger Nente. He can be found in the northern part of what used to be Green Hills County."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Master Ranger Nente
"Vassar sent you? Very good, I've been expecting you. I've gathered the other ingredients necessary, a bit of this cave moss should do the trick. Take this potion back to Vassar, he'll know how to use it to save Ralena. May Melandru guide you on your return journey my friend."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"The cure is ready at last? You don't know what a great service you've done for both Ralena and for me. It's Ascalons like you, «name», that give me some hope for the future."