Caravan in Trouble

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Caravan in Trouble
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Cynn
in Eastern Frontier
Type Secondary quest
Caravan in Trouble map.jpg
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A caravan is being attacked by Storm Riders; a merchant's hired guard has fled. Help Cynn and Mhenlo rescue them.

Quest information[edit]



  • Help Cynn and Mhenlo rescue the Merchant Caravan.
  • See Laris Dankworth for your reward.



You'll find Cynn and Mhenlo near the Resurrection shrine by the Pockmark Flats exit. After accepting the quest from Cynn, take your group into Pockmark Flats. When you reach the Merchant Caravan, a group of Storm riders will attack; defeat them. Then speak with Dankworth (who may be back toward the Resurrection shrine) for your reward.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Cynn: You left?
Caravan Guard: Y...yes.
Cynn: In the middle of a fight, you just ran off?
Caravan Guard: There were storm riders everywhere! I could've been killed!
Mhenlo: What happened to the others? The merchant and the other guards?
Caravan Guard: I don't know. I...didn't look back.
Mhenlo: Balthazar does not look kindly upon cowards.
Cynn: Neither do I.
Mhenlo: That'll be enough Cynn. This man will have to explain himself and his actions when he reaches the Mists.
"I'll make this short. A merchant named Laris Dankworth and his caravan have been attacked while traveling from Serenity Temple to Rin. This cowardly fellow here was hired as a guard, but once the fighting started, he turned tail and ran. Mhenlo and I are headed to Pockmark Flats to see if we can help any survivors. We could use your help. Will you come?"
Yes Accept: "Let's waste no more time. I'll come."
No Decline: "Good luck to you. I can't be part of this."
Ask Ask: "I'm sure you have something fascinating to say, but you'll have to save it until after we've finished rescuing the merchant caravan."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Finding the caravan
Cynn: "The caravan. Laris is still alive!"
Killing all the Storm Riders
Mhenlo: "The goddess mother has smiled upon us this day."
Cynn: "That'll teach 'em. I didn't even break a sweat."
Mhenlo: "Your deeds today will be looked upon kindly by the gods."
Cynn: "We'll make sure Laris here gets back to Rin safely. Thanks for your help."
Mhenlo: "May your path be watched over from the heavens."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Laris Dankworth
"Your timing is impeccable. I thought I was a goner when my hired guards started to abandon me. I owe you many thanks."


  • If you start the quest and then enter Pockmark Flats from Serenity Temple, Laris will be swarmed easily and die. However, if you proceed to the area where Laris should be, you can kill the swarm and complete that step of the quest, but you must leave through the north portal into Eastern Frontier and return to Pockmark Flats in order to speak to Laris for the reward.
Bug Bug.If NPCs are aggroed, Mhenlo may say his second line before the Caravan Guard's answer.
Bug Bug.The initial dialogue plays even for non-Tyrian characters, who cannot accept the quest.