Deldrimor Spear (unique)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the unique item. For the non-unique item, see Deldrimor Spear.
Deldrimor Spear
Deldrimor Spear (unique).jpg
Type Unique spear
Campaign Prophecies
Spear Mastery
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Inventory icon Deldrimor Spear (unique).png

Deldrimor Spear is a unique spear traded by Artisan of Spears, a collector in Droknar's Forge (explorable area).


Piercing damage: 14-27 (Requires 9 Spear Mastery)
Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%)
Lengthens Dazed duration on foes 33% (Stacking)
Health +30


This item uses the same skin as the non-unique Deldrimor Spear.


It is possible to create an exact replica for this item with:

Except for the visual appearance, it is possible to create an exact technical replica for this item with:


Unique counterparts[edit]

Droknar's Strength, The Matriarch's Stinger, Shakor's Spear, and Stygian Spear have stats identical to this item.

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