Event Planner Kazsha

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Event Planner Kazsha
Vabbian noble f.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall
Event Planner Kazsha is in charge of the upcoming party in the Tihark Orchard, and provides access to the mission.



Quests involved in:


"Thank Lyssa for this beautiful day!"
Ask I have an invitation. (After completing Rally The Princes.)
"You have only a single invitation, so you must be admitted alone. If your friends want to join the party, they must each acquire a separate ticket. All guests must enter separately. You must be the only person in your party in order to proceed."
Yes I'm ready to check out the festivities. (Appears if your character is the only member in the party. If so, your character is sent to the mission. The dialogue window closes when selecting this option after you added a party member.)
No I'm not ready yet.
Unknown I'll be on my way.