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Aegis Prime [AgPr]

Aegis Prime AgPr
Guild Aegis Prime cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language Romanian
Leader Fen North
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 5
Guild Hall Warrior Isle
Time zone GMT +2

Aegis Prime was created by Andone on June 20th 2008 , for him and his real life friends. At the time, everybody only had Prophecies. In the meantime three of our members also purchased Factions, wile two of them have all four games. We have joined the Kurzick alliance on September 20th 2008.

Guild Hall

Our Guild Hall is situated in the Warrior's Isle, picked because of the nice view. We have only one NPC bought, the Xunlai Agent. In time, we shall buy more, but for us this is not a high priority, because we hardly spend any time there.


Our members are casual players, meaning we do have a life, work, school, and so on. Therefore we mostly gather at night, and most of the time not everyone is there. Wile this means we are most likely playing alone at times, when you need help, simply asking in guild chat will get other members to come and give you a hand. This can mean a mere quest, a mission, items & money, or a run.

Contact information

Guild Leader:

  • Fen North

Guild Officers:

  • Pixel Power

Future plans

If our member base will grow, we'll get involved in PvP as well, if the members will wish so. But for now we are more focused on playing the PvE part, clearing campaigns, and most of all trying to understand the strengths and weakness of our characters. And of course, playing together, and learning to work together as a team, is the hardest part yet, as with any other MMO.