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Ancient Warriors Gaming Clan [AW][edit]

Disambiguation: there is another guild with the [AW] tag that enjoys a great deal of notoriety. Care should be taken not to confuse the two guilds.

Ancient Warriors Gaming Clan [AW]
Guild Ancient Warriors Gaming Clan cape.jpg
Territory Global
Language English
Leader Luna Cross
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members ~70 (about ~300 across all online games)
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Mumble: (invitation required)
IRC channel various
Time zone CST (-6)

Formed in November 2000 for the purpose of providing a helpful, supportive environment for gamers with similar interests to prosper. We characterize ourselves by our desire to support teamwork, dedication, respect, and sportsmanship . We are a Clan more than a Guild in that we have divisions of members active in many different online games, even Quake II!

Ancient Warriors Gaming Clan is a group of people who hold good personal qualities in high regard. We are not about drama, high turnover, squabbling, trash talk, or "0wning J00". We are about unity, love of the game, the desire to promote an atmosphere which supports our stated characteristics and of course, FUN!! AW is an extended family; our members are generous and always ready to help one another and offer any assistance they can. It is these principles, our creed and an even-handed objective group of Clan Leaders that ensures our desired atmosphere remains in balance. If you see us, don't be afraid to say hello!!

The fact that the majority of our members have stayed with us for years stands as a testament to our realization of these goals. To become a member of AW you must display maturity, not "ub3r 1337 skillz." As with any Guild Wars guild, receiving an invitation to join should be regarded as a compliment for meeting our criteria given by someone else who has met the criteria.

To learn more about us, visit our website and forums here:


There are two organizational levels to mention. Our Clan (linked above) which you may apply to join online, and our Guild (in the Guild Wars game) which you may join by approaching any guild member you meet in-game. Make a favorable impression on a member in the course of play and they will recommend you to an officer who will invite you.

The Ancient Warriors Gaming Clan (all games) is almost exclusively comprised of people 18 and older, averaging in the upper 20s. The Guild Wars guild membership (GW only) ranges in age from 18 to 63 and comes from all over the world! If you respect the right of others to play differently than you would play, you meet our toughest requirement!

Becoming an Officer: Officer slots open rarely. When they do, the slots will be taken by those who have invested the most into AW and more importantly also have the qualities we need in an Officer. If you are in it for the glory rather than the fun, your wait for status in AW may make you,... ancient.


We are in the Raid alliance and currently hold the town of Lutgardis.

Current Events[edit]

Ancient Warriors runs a quarterly contest or tournament of some kind. The winner gets to chose the winning Cape-of-the-Quarter for us to wear for the next quarter. There are prizes awarded for all these contests of course... Check us out!

Every August we hold an alliance-wide fashion show contest via our forums. It is an annual blow-out party and the results are posted in our forums!

Migration to Guild Wars 2[edit]

The guild is planning a migration to Guild Wars 2. All discussions are being held on the Ancient Warriors forums found here:

Contact information[edit]

Your very best option is to go to our Clan site (linked above) to contact us via our forums. In-game you can PM to any officer for assistance. We're always looking for new friends and allies.


Luna Cross


Critters Baby

Weaping Gwasshopper

Mazers Mule

Phantom Shoe

Rogue Stormy

Xg The Celestial

Blades from Heaven

Ancient Trespasser

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