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Guild Angelic Halo Cape cape emblem2.pngAngelic Halo [AnH]

Angelic Halo [AnH]
Guild Angelic Halo cape1.jpg
Territory Korea
Language English
Faction Faction (Luxon).jpg Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 54+
Guild Hall Warrior Isle
VoIP Guild Angelic Halo communications icon.png Ventrilo
Time zone All

Angelic Halo was founded in October of 2006. Despite being a relatively young guild, it is led by veterans of the game who have been playing since the release of Guild Wars. AnH is primarily a PvE guild, but frequently engages in PvP as well.

AnH's "guild mission" is to help make the world of Guild Wars as fun as possible for as many players as possible. Its members are very laid-back and enjoy playing with everyone, and having fun, especially those who look like they could use a helping hand.

Guild Angelic Halo Cape cape emblem2.pngGameplay:

AnH is largely a PvE guild, but some of it's members engage in a variety of gameplay, which includes Heroes Ascent as well as Alliance Battles. AnH also frequently hosts alliance-wide "events" that range from scheduled run-throughs of Elite missions to custom scrimmage tournaments, many of our members live in The Deep.

Guild Angelic Halo Cape cape emblem2.pngRecruitment:

Those interested in joining Angelic Halo should use cut-and-paste to copy any of the Leader/Officer names below, and send us a Whisper to say hello. Introduce yourself, let us know how you found out about us. We always prefer attitude over experience. We are using BoMB's our alliance leaders forums for now [1] please read before making a post and please post in the Angelic Halo (AnH) section of the forums. Here at AnH we only have a few simple rules that are not hard to follow and most are common sense.

1. Dont Beg and be anoyying in the Guild / Alliance Chat

2. Help each other out when possible

3. Dont sell items in the Guild / Alliance Chat

4. If your going AFK for more than two months then tell an officer.

And most the most important...

5. HAVE FUN!! =)

Guild Angelic Halo Cape cape emblem2.pngFaction

Angelic Halo faction: 2,424,239 as of 2/1/09

Alliance Faction: 11,200,732 as of 2/1/09

Guild Angelic Halo Cape cape emblem2.pngContact Information


Elementalist.pngDragonfire Tank

Co Leader:

Assassin.pngDiva Tiana

Officer List:

Elementalist.pngNuke N You
Necromancer.pngJohnny Dark Soul
Necromancer.pngJagg Horn
Monk.pngSargey M
Mesmer.pngJun Dorrigor
Monk.pngLuna Azulli
Ranger.pngMendrar Accuracy
Elementalist.pngMiss Dranella
Necromancer.pngThe Musketear

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