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Guild:Apostles of The Risen Phoenix [ATRP]

Apostles Of The Risen Phoenix [ATRP]
Guild Apostles Of The Risen Phoenix cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE AB
No. of members 6
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
Time zone -7 GMT
Newest Members

Welcome goes out to the following newest members:

Kira Young

Shar Elena

Isabella X

Mister Beastly Boi

Morpheous S T (Former Alliance Leader)

***Come and Join...We're always looking for new members!!***

Thanks for becoming a member of Apostles of The Risen Phoenix

This site was last updated on 05/19/2009

Celestial Longbow.pngFaction (Kurzick).png

ATRP was founded by Dekar Wildheart & The Pledged. We are former members of "Lords of Frozen Dragon" [LORD]. Dekar is fairly new to Guild Wars, starting the adventures in Dec. 2007. The Pledged has been playing since Nov. 2007

Main PvE.png
Recent Adventures

Dekar Wildheart Sunflower Moon Barbed Shooter & Kira Young: Guild Leader of Dragons Of Pern, got together and ran the Veiled Threat quest out of Doomlore Shrine. Veiled Threat lead us to a large 3 level Dungeon called Rragar's Menagerie.

Rragar's Menagerie had been a thorn in my side for several months, my ultimate goal with this dungeon is to aquire a Dryad Bow. But my reward at the end of this run was a single Diamond. Looks like I'll be going back.

If you need help just PING me, If I'm available I will let you know.

If you need assistance with the Black Moa Chick Mini Pet (I have completed this...) Let me know, this was a long and dragged out quest, I can help in getting most of the items, but you'll need to run to Resplendent Makuun for the Nesting Material<<-This is a non-tradable item, and cannot be put into your Xunlai Chest nor can it be dropped.

Celestial Sigil.png
Guild Hall

Our guild hall is on The Isle of Meditation.

Main Equip.png
Guild Hall Services

  • Xunlai Chest
  • Priest of Balthazar (Bathazar Factions - Unlock Skills, Weapons, and Heros)**Unlocking weapons & Heros only for PvP, skill unlocks for Heros:PvE & PvP
  • Merchant
  • Weaponsmith
  • Festival Hat Keeper
  • Guild Emblemer
  • Rune Trader
  • Dye Trader
  • Canthan Ambassador (Guild Hall Realtor)

We're working on getting complete services at this time

Main Game.png

ATRP is sad to announce that we are now no longer allied with The Dragons Of Pern [TDOP] as of May 1st 2009, but we are glad to have those that were part of that guild disband from TDOP and join ATRP.

Celestial Sword.png

Recruitment is open to anyone who enjoys the game, and is looking to get in on a guild from the ground up. Come On In and Join the Gang!!!

  • We are members of a very friendly guild and we help each other out on a daily basis.
  • Currently, were looking for people that AB - ALOT!! LOL & are into HFFF, were currently trying to get our alliance/guild faction rating up, maybe try to control a town or a house.
  • But, If your looking for a descent guild, just PM any of the Officers and we'll get you in.

We are a TeamSpeak user guild, but it is not required.

  • For Alliance/General Chat we use TeamSpeak...It seems to work better for conference, and coordinating our team to kick butt.


Stygian Reaver.png
Non-Participating Members

I really wanted to avoid putting in an entry like this, but...

Those members who join and do not participate will lose membership to the guild. I would like to not kick people from the guild, but when we invite new members and they see that there are people that haven't been on for a few weeks, they will most likely not want to stay.

For any reason, if your not going to be online for an extended period of time please go to the alliance website (Link is below) and in the forum for the ATRP Guild, post an entry in the Offline Members Thread. Let Us Know or else you may be axed from the guild.

I understand that you may not be on everyday...Like me we either work, attend school or whatever. Even if your only online once a week...fine, it shows your still participating.

We really want to build up our guild, then when Guild Wars 2 comes out, I would like to see our members come over to that one.

As far as I know, some of the old alliance guilds are sticking together when GW2 arrives.


Ranger, Ritualist, Warrior, Assassin, and other builds have been updated - Check out the Forum for details.

    • NOTE: The forum and alliance site have been taken down for the time being.
  • New Builds are added when one comes together that works really well.

Lately, there have been no new additions, but we're looking to change that.

Contact Information

Guild Leader:

Guild Officers:

  • The Pledged
  • Sunflower Moon
  • Kira Young
  • Rennac Kirwan
  • Morpheous S T
  • Shar Elena
  • Isabella X
  • Mister Beastly Boi

Guild Members:

Guild Website:

Apostles of The Risen Phoenix Alliance
Leader Apostles of The Risen Phoenix
Members Unknown