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Aroaran Flare [Arof]

Aroaran Flare [Arof]
Guild Aroaran Flare Cape.jpg
Territory America, International
Language English
Leader Draco Aroarus
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 4
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
Time zone EST

Aroaran Flare is a small, mostly PvE guild that used to be in the BaR alliance (before it disbanded), which comprised of a couple of families and friends. At this point, the guild is just Draco Aroarus and his family. Many thanks to the BaR alliance for all the good times!

Guild Hall Services

Services Added
GH Xunlai icon.jpg Xunlai Agent Yes
GH dye trader icon.jpg Dye Trader Yes
GH material trader icon.jpg Crafting Material Trader Yes
GH rare material trader icon.jpg Rare Material Trader Yes
GH rune trader icon.jpg Rune Trader Yes
GH scroll trader icon.jpg Scroll Trader Yes
GH skill trainer icon.jpg Skill Trainer Yes
GH Priest of Balthazar icon.jpg Priest of Balthazar Yes
GH merchant icon.jpg Merchant Yes
GH weaponsmith icon.jpg Weaponsmith Yes
GH guild emblemer icon.jpg Guild Emblemer Yes
GH canthan ambassador icon.jpg Canthan Ambassador Yes
User MageMontu FestivalHat.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes

Contact information

Leader: Draco Aroarus


Lily Wyldseeker

Cloud Aurora