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Astral Sleeper Cell [zZZ]

Astral Sleeper Cell [zZZ]
Guild Astral Sleeper Cell cape.jpg
Years active 13 years and 324 days
Territory Neverland
Language Vowed to Silence
Faction 1 Kurzick faction
Type Refuge
No. of members 30+
Guild Hall Changing
Time zone Infinite

In service of a battery for OBE guild and alliance:

Refuge for OBE Alliance Mules & Sleepers, and those rare pilgrims that seek the blessings of its solitude.

Contact information

Good Morning! Welcome to the secret world of sleepers! Dreams within dreams!

Contact OBE leaders for further info or invite.

Astral Travellers Alliance
Leader Astral Travellers
Members Astral Sleeper CellHouse Of Lefem • Longest Party Ever Held • Teh Dark EmpireThe Obscure Monks