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Teh Dark Empire [DE][edit]

Teh Dark Empire [DE]
Guild Teh Dark Empire guildcape.jpg
Years active 12 years and 352 days
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 70+
Guild Hall Burning Isle
VoIP Steam

We are a very laid-back guild, but demand a humane sense of maturity and respect of others. We focus on Hard Mode activities, and maxing out titles to progress in the Kind of a Big Deal title and to fill up the Hall of Monuments.

We have an awesome cape, and a full Guild Hall.

Guild activities include;

  • Hard Mode Missions
  • Filling Hall of Monuments (at least 30/50)
  • War in Kryta Storyline
  • Vanquishing
  • HM Hero's Handbook & Master Dungeon Guide
  • Various other activities


  • No Racism.
  • No Sexism.
  • No Homophobia.
  • No making fun of a person's religion.
  • You must have beaten at least 2 campaigns.
  • You are expected to be skillful enough to do NM on your own.

Alliance Rule(s)

  • All guild rules apply to the alliance we are in, no matter the situation
  • No cursing in Alliance Chat


[DE] The Dark Empire was started in a different game than Guild Wars. It was started in a little known text-based game called Dark Galaxy ( which is currently in it's final round before being retired.

[DE] was formed in August 2006 by Zeck Tu Nackwa. The name The Dark Empire was already taken, so it was named Teh Dark Empire. The allegiance was Kurzick.

Throughout the history of [DE], it has transformed numerous times. It started out as a guild for a few friends to hang out in. As the guild grew, the focus shifted to maxing out the member roster. We formed our own alliance, and acquired 3 more guilds, [SoH], [BEG] and [KILL] to house the overflow of members. All 4 guilds were run as one under the leadership of Zeck Tu Nackwa, with a Steward placed as guild leader in each. A series of similar-minded guilds joined and left the alliance; faction farming and AB were as much a focus as member recruitment. Eventually, Zeck grew too busy with RL to run 4 guilds plus an alliance, so he gave ownership of the guilds to the stewards and eventually dissolved the alliance. [KILL] left to form their own alliance, and the 3 remaining guilds wandered alliance to alliance searching for kindred spirits. They spent a large portion of that time in [LOST] and contributed to the faction success, gartering ownership of Lutgardis Conservatory. Then it was based on Factions and at its highest point owned Lutgardis Conservatory. After burning out from faction farming and constant random recruiting, [DE] merged only the most trusted close members of the 3 guilds into one, resolving to put the enjoyment back into working with a close-knit family of like-minded players. [DE] eventually found it's way in the [EHM] alliance, drawn to their devotion to title-grinding, Hard Mode PVE campaigns and respectful atmosphere. The EHM alliance died and Zoso was then formed, but that did not last either. DE currently resides in the Astral Travellers [OBE] alliance.

Contact information[edit]

  • Leader: Zeck Tu Nackwa
  • Co Leader: Venus De Morte
  • Officers: Rax Empirical, Sic The Sequel, Tofu Noir, Ritz Bittz, Kage Juunin, Arty The Tank, Melden Vortance
  • Guild Pet (who we all know and love dearly): Kavi Nightroad

Astral Travellers Alliance
Leader Astral Travellers
Members Astral Sleeper CellHouse Of Lefem • Longest Party Ever Held • Teh Dark EmpireThe Obscure Monks