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Astral Travellers [OBE]

Astral Travellers [OBE]
Guild Astral Travellers cape.jpg
Years active 18 years and 33 days
Territory International
Language Babel Fish
Faction Kurzicks in <3 with Luxons
Type Social, Experimental, Rpg, Pve
No. of members 60+
Guild Hall Changing

The guild of Astral Travellers was founded on midnight, November 12th, year 2005, as our getaway from the mundane density of physical planes.

The OBE tag stands for the term "Out of Body Experience" which state can be reached in lucid dreaming, near death experiences, meditative practices, astral traveling, any alpha/beta fantasy of a creative mind... or in a virtual game.

OBE takes fun and pride in practicing to be different.

We believe that one and only truth in virtual gaming are feelings, and we act accordingly to those.

They say about us that we chat too much, dance too much, hug too much, and have fiery and sharp tongues when it comes to defending freedom, peace and friends, which we cherish the most of all.

There are no rules here, except the respect of infinite boundaries of each others freedoms. All animals are equal, only some animals are more equal then the others, therefore we share leadership among us for we find it fun and relaxing.

One of the cornerstones of OBE is freedom. Freedom of change, freedom to whine or afk, or sleep, or explore roads outside OBE, have a real life, be happy or sad... freedom to have no reasons whatsoever...

We also throw great parties. Should it be in our guildhalls with drinks, laughter, games, costumes and fireworks, or anywhere outside conquering.

We are addicted to each other maybe more then to any other aspect of the game, and we are looking forward to finding other "out of their minded" players to share this virtual existence with...

We like to think of OBE as a Lighthouse for Travellers, The Last Homely House where we can dine and share experience and warmth around fire... some travellers are just stopping by, to pick up energy and rations for their next big adventure... some like to stay for good and listen to the elves or vampires singing...

All the good and green in this world will always be welcomed in OBE and have a reserved place in some corner of our Tavern or Forum, even as just the memory of the Virtual Havens and Days of Glory that have passed, or childish faith in some good secret that we shared which can always make you smile...

Free your Heart and Mind. Adventure. Roleplay. Create. Grow. Dance. Hug. Chat. Laugh. Give... Experiment... Do something that scares you... No Fear. Unconditional Love. Enjoy the Ride! No need to be nice...


We don't actually recruit in the traditional sense, we only invite friends and friends of our friends, or people we find interesting and odd enough to become ones. We are always welcoming creative minds we stumble upon on the road.

Since we do not believe in virtual ageism, or any "ism" for that matter, our players come from all over globe and all ages and species. We have in our ranks many nationalities, all colours of race, gays, lesbians, rape victims, lunatics, old people, kids, leet gamers and noobs, males, females, transvestites, heterosexuals, virgins, goddesses, aliens, nymphs, vampires, truck drivers, figure skaters, lycanthropes, and many other kinds of weirdos. And let us not forget to mention Jol and Ryumi too.

If you think you are weird enough, we bid you welcome to our tribe.

Contact information

Feel free to contact any of the following leaders of our Guild in game or via forum:

Kali Morr
Vana Runedottir
Kamari Noe
Hectic Hoodoo
Ryumi Chuuei
Hikoro Bikani
Kaylah Warcrave
Waylon Spinel
Bender Rodriguez
King Bluetooth
Melanor Shadoweye
I Sakai I
Noj Werdna
Warmaster Evilone X
Invictus Muralis
Sarkynyt Nukke
Gust of Sun
The Template

Alternatively, please feel free to leave us a message on our discussion page.

Astral Travellers Alliance
Leader Astral Travellers
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