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The Obscure Monks [MonK]

The Obscure Monks [Monk]
Guild The Obscure Monks cape.jpg
Years active 12 years and 259 days
Territory Ascalon
Language English
Leader The Bigb, The Assiduous, The Template, and The Hobbitt
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members Varies
Guild Hall Isle of Obscurity
Webpage Obscure Monks!
Please Remember This page is a work in progress, I'll keep at it when I have time. Welcome to the Wiki page of The Obscure Monks . Our goal is to provide an alternative to your average guild experience and to provide a sense of community and structure not captured by the majority of guilds. You are more than welcome to make this your primary guild, and while participation and attendance are strongly encouraged and applauded,there is no minimun time limit assigned to alliance Monks. One of the great aspects of Guild Wars is the level of individuality and uniqueness obtained by characters, due to the varieties of classes, armor, physical appearance, items, etc.. provided when creating a new character and running it through the game. The culture of the MonK guild is more of a collective. An alliance of practically identical monks who are defined by their genrousity and helpful demeanor, and some of the rules and regulations, while adding to a sense of community, restrict a portion of the creative qualities that were intended for this game. This is one of the reasons for not having a minimum time limit attached to members. Think of the OMA as sort of a community service or The Monk Reserves. One weekend a month two weeks a year is acceptable. If you get tired of gameplay as an OMA Monk, take a break, we will invite you back in. Just adhear to the rules.

Officer Requirements

1. Once you are recruited you will be requried to build a character from scratch.

2. The character must choose a Monk as a first profession.

3. Your Monk must EXACTLY adhere to the required physical build. (Female Monks only have a Height Requirement, but still need to adhere to the name requirement.***

4. Your Monk's name/title must consist of TWO WORDS ONLY! The first word has to be "THE' ex: (The Seeker,The Template,The Pickle)

5. Register on the spurz website.

6. Offices will go through an aproval period.

7. You must have a regulation monk on your roster at all times, even if you dont ust it that much, keep it around for events,etc..

8. Print a hard copy of this site to use as a "quick reference guide" to rules & regs.

Character Builds

(If you don't have prophecies, or you are a female monk, pm me for build requirements)



3.Brown Armor ( may be changed later )

4.Completly bald.

5.Facial Structure (2nd to last choice)

6.Height- Dead center of scale.

7.Skin Tone- Second darkest available.

Guild Obscure Monks Foremost Guild Gw005.jpg


1. Always adhere to dress code, including cape on all times when using your monk.

2. No Spam Recruiting.

3. Friendly, helpful, positive play only.

4. The use of the word "Noob" is discouraged

5. Use common sense.

6. Please refrain from local arguments on race, religion, sex, politics etc. remember.....the Tag [MonK] is seen by all


Recruitment is an ongoing project. This will give players commited to the cause time to "play test" some of the characters in order to work out the snags and kinks tied to the direction we would like to take the Guild, but anyone is allowed to join and test our ideas and ideals playability, as long as your character meets the appropriate requirements.You are free to leave, or stay as long as you wish. In most cases, you will always be welcomed back.


It is extremely important while using your monk to play an active roll in the culture of the Guild in order to enable growth and timely evolution of the alliance. The main virtue of the Obscure Monks Guild is GENEROSITY. Whether it be donating Items, Gold, or help with quests, "giving" to strangers and friends, should be your motivation for actions taken by your monk. Other things will contribute to the culture of the guild as well...such as doing at least one good deed per day, for someone you dont even know.. Some activities will include guild hall games,events, and give aways. Generous awards for sychronized katas, marches, battlecries, and emotes, will be given to the group(s) of monks who earn them. Give away missions to outposts and towns will also ad to our reputaion. Playing in character is not required, but would help shape the culture of the alliance tremendously. The culture of the Guild is a work in progress and its up to YOU to make it something special. As they say...." if you want a friendly, helpful guild,... be friendly and helpful" It is all up to you the member.

Initial Goals

1. To have FUN.

2. To find like minded people to join our numbers.

3. To have FUN.

4. To become a Haven for ppl tired of the "usual" guild structure.

5. To have FUN.

6. Real life comes first, we don't require when people be on, we simply offer times we will be.

7. and most important of all..... HAVE FUN  :-)


Many updates on our guilds status coming when I have more time!


Contact information

If you have any ideas, comments, or questions, you can e-mail us at; (The BigB) or (The Template)

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