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The BigB
User The.BigB the.bigb.jpg
Affiliation Human
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Service Guild Leader
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Born on the outskirts of Ascalon, The BigB is a clone monk following in the footsteps of and surpassing the best dreams of his father, Brother Bj whom was not eligible for officership as a non-clone. Born into the guild [MonK] in mid 2008 The BigB was an apprentice to The Template and The Hobbitt from birth.

When trouble sought out Ascalon, The BigB rushed to the defense of the Academy with the Prince, and Mhenlo. After exploring all the lands of Tyria had to offer, and learning all the skills that could be captured, he traveled to Cantha, Elona, and the Far Shiverpeaks to do the same.

He now leads the Guild of The Obscure Monks [MonK] within the alliance known as the Astral Travellers [OBE], while on his quest to become a God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals.


Anet listen up, we want REAL PvP COMBAT!!! Take the Norn ring and modify it, we want 1v1 to 4v4 combat, real combat. No NPCs, No capture the flag, None of that BS, real fighting. Let the best team win!!! 4v4 last man standing / first to 12 kills wins. Now that is what we call REAL PvP Combat. Listen up and hear us we want TRUE PvP!!! Get rid of the NPCs in PvP, it's called Player vs Player, not Player and NPCs vs Player and NPCs!!!

Main Characters[edit]

Face Level Name Origin Role
Monk20 The Bigb Tyria Primary, titles, smiting, healing
Monk10 The Little B Tyria Pre-sear, Storage
Monk20 Same Ol B Tyria PvP, Storage, Party Toon
Elementalist20 Just Another B Tyria PvP only
Elementalist16 Master B Rad Tyria Pre-sear, LDoA
Ritualist20 Bs Girl II Cantha UW Farmer, Docks Ferry
Necromancer20 The Necro Chick Elona PvP only
Ranger20 Vin Nub Tyria Oldest Char, Storage
Dervish20 The Romer Elona Runner, Storage
Warrior20 I Punch U In Face Elona PvP War brawler
Monk1 Fast To Post We Go Tyria Pre-sear, Mule