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Noj Werdna
Affiliation Ascalonian
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Service Assistant Guild Leader
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Born to one of the oldest and most respected families in Ascalon, Noj Wernda was at the frontline of the battles which have shaped the landscape of this fair world, from the searing right through the birth of the Great Destroyer. His love for his home land, and care of those around him has taken his travels across all the known world including fighting Shiro in Cantha, Warmarshall Varesh in Elona, and defeating the Great Destroyer in the Far Shiverpeaks.

His latest venture is co-leading the Guild of Astral Travellers.


Noj is renowned for his large collections of the most pointless and increasingly obsolete items ranging from Dye Remover to Charr Carvings. He is known in many circles for his drinking problem and his sweet tooth but he claims both are merely to leave a lasting legacy, good or bad. He has a different outfit for every occasion and likes to wear different armor sets depending on the which way the wind blows.


Noj plans to build up a name for himself in the wider world and become a name remembered in the years to come, to build a nest egg for the future generations of his family.

Maybe one day somebody will raise up his staff again in his name and fight to protect this land from the evil that lies beneath.