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B O H I C A [boom]

B O H I C A [boom]
Territory Europe
Language German
Leader Azariah Orgea
Faction Kurzick
Type "PvX"
No. of members 9
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP TeamSpeak³
Time zone UTC+1

Bend Over Here It Comes Again

The name represents our "comeback" to the Guild Wars universe. After two failed tries ("Die Gilde" [Glde] and Rising from Ashes [RfA]) to emerge as a small guild, we now are on our way to [boom].

B O H I C A exists since August 2010 and is primarily a fun project. I only wanted to play Alliance Battles again since I left Cool as Ice [Ice] so I created a guild. Bit by bit other players from [Ice] and other guilds followed me because they also wanted to play more active again. Several of them want to accomplish some more titles for the Hall of Monuments and so we are preparing and planning the next steps. A few more "goals" [boom] is up to, are:

- Gate of Anguish HM FR (done)

- The Underworld HM FR (done)

- Some less important PvE titles (Lightbringer, Sunspear, EotN titles) (done)

We are almost done with Guild Wars but still remain as an active guild for mostly PvP. Our Guild Wars 2 Guild is "Eagles of Despair" [EoD] - a tribute to "Edge of Destiny". The books are great! I am also proud to announce that we have just received the 20th join request.

If you want to visit us, don't hesitate to fire up your browser and go to this URL: Due to German law you might not see everything our site has to offer (especially not members or created characters because we focus on maintaining privacy for some reason).


B O H I C A is not recruiting random members at this time because we focus on playing with friends who either work or study together. I'm sorry.

Contact information

If you still want to contact us send a message to

Leader: "Azariah Orgea" (mostly online as "Anedia Osatera") aka. "Grimclaw Sharptooth" in Guild Wars 2

Officer: "Severa Sainteve" aka. "Fubai" in Guild Wars 2

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown