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Guardians Of Phoenix [GoP]
Territory Europe
Language German
Faction Kurzick
Type mainly PvE
rarely GvG, AB
No. of members ~15
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
Forums Forums
Time zone CET(GMT+1)

Guild-Guardians-of-Phoenix-Logo.png History

Guardians Of Phoenix was formed in July 2005 as a casual PvE guild for players aged twenty to thirty. The goal was to make an active democratic and mature guild. Through active recruitment during the following months the number of members quickly grew to 30 to 40.

After winter 2005 the guild unfortunately met a decline in members due to many of our newly found friends not playing Guild Wars anymore for personal reasons or simply because they grew bored of the game (shame on them). The guild then opened itself a bit more for younger players.

(Rest might be added when I can get someone in the guild to care about the wiki).

As of September 2008 the guild is more or less on (forced?) hiatus since most members (inconveniently including the leader) don't play the game much anymore. The remaining active members left one after the other to go their own ways in new/other guilds. GoP is waiting for GW2 ...

Guild-Guardians-of-Phoenix-Logo.png Philosophy

One of the weekly meetings
Having fun: an alliance party
Questing together: The Titan Source done with a guild team

Our aim is to be a guild which indeed plays the game together. To help other guild members with missions or quests is greatly encouraged. The main reason for playing the game should always be fun.

Guild-Guardians-of-Phoenix-Logo.png Guild Structure

The guild hierarchy differs from the default Guild Wars system. It's structured as follows:

  • Leader / Vice Leader: The leader position of the guild is held by two people. The actual leader in the game mechanic is decided by who of the two is currently more active and thus more likely to be reachable should matters requiring the leaders attention arise. The two positions are Anführer (leader) and Co-Anführer (vice leader).
  • Officers: The next level consists of the Offiziere (officers) who pretty much represent the function the developers gave the position.
  • Knights: The Ritter (knights) are a subdivision between officers and normal members. They have normal member status in the game but are specially elected to help and counsel the leader and officers in matters like: election of new officers or knights, changes to the guilds system / website / forums, etc. They can also veto a decision of the leader/officers.
  • Wardens: Normal members are called Wächter (wardens).
  • Novices: Novizen (novices) are members on probation (normally 1-2 weeks).

Guild-Guardians-of-Phoenix-Logo.png Recruitment

Even though member numbers have dwindled over the years GoP currently does not actively recruit. However anyone wanting to join may use the forum (only German) to apply for membership. (Don't expect a response, though, as the forum is as dead as the guild itself.)

Guild-Guardians-of-Phoenix-Logo.png Contact Information

Verwandte Geister Alliance
Leader Verwandte Geister
Members Guardians Of Phoenix • Legion Des Schicksals • Zirkel Der Sturmjaeger