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QUICK GUIDE TO GUILDWARS 2 (still appending)


  • GW2 Char Naming policy: only active (played at least once this year) GW1 char names will be transfer over to GW2, AND (important) must create that char during the Headstart Access period or on launch day. After that, your char names are fair game!

Main Links

New Terms

  • Soul bound - you can't trade that item.
  • Way Point - a location where you can map to later on. It's great in an explore-able dungeons with a player team - if you leave a dungeon and reenter at that dungeon waypoint, you can continue with your team without having to restart the dungeon.
  • Transmutation - the art of merging two items of similar or from a set (example: armor pieces) to form an item with preferred aesthetic or stats. Use of a Transmutation Stone.
  • Sigil - an upgrade for your weapon or item's slot.
  • Influence - guild currency used to spend on stuff.

Important Info

  • You must pick a Home World (home server). Please pick Sanctum of Rall so we can be on the same server/world. There's something called WvW (World vs. World PvP) - you don't want us to cremate you :-P. You can be invited as a guest from another world to do mission/etc but can't WvW together. If you decide to switch world later on, it will cost you 1,800 gems and can only switch once per seven days!
  • You can join more than one guilds. However, Influence points (see Currency below) can only be earn for the guild that you are currently "active".
  • Your armor gets damage and will need to be repaired! When you get defeated (killed), ONE random piece of your good armor parts will get damaged. After a while your whole set will be damaged and you will either need to get it repaired by the armorer or buy a new set.
  • You must "tag" your Way Point in order to travel there next time. To "tag" it, all you need to do it come close to it.
  • It will cost you money each time you map to your Way Point. The cost varies on the distance of the starting and ending points. When your char dies, you can pick a nearby tagged Way Point AND that's considered as traveling there (so cost money).
  • Get 2,000 FREE gems for 4/27/12 GW2 Beta test - must use this weekend or lose - see Notes for detail instructions.


  • GW2 uses FIVE types of "currencies": Coins, Gems, Glory, Influence and Karma. Even though GW2 didn't mention it, I would considered dungeon tokens as a currency.
  • Coins are Bronze -> Silver -> Gold (100 increments).
  • Gems are those little pretty things LOL.
  • Glory is PvP points to spend on cosmetics armors/etc.
  • Influence is important to build the guild's "attributes", where it can be used to help players in combat/etc. These guild attributes are Politics, Art of War, Economy, and Architecture.
  • Karma is a non-tradeable points (example: helping others in their story line).


  • Can buy Influence with gold from the Guild Promoter (located in large cities).
  • Plenty ways to earn Influence - examples: 1) guild gets Influence by just having members logging in daily. 2) buy alcohol 100gp = 10,000 points.
  • You gain dungeon Tokens for completing a dungeon and you can purchase unique armor/weps/items for that dungeon from the armorer near the entrance of a dungeon.
  • You can upgrade your weapons/items by using Runes, Sigil and Jewels.
  • There are six types of salvage kits.
  • Inventory starts off with a 20-slot starter backpack but can buy 4 more storage containers.
  • Missions and dungeons are still using instances like GW1.
  • Your character's Personality & Karma (the roll-playing part of the game) can have an impact when you purchase and interact with NPCs. The roleplaying is based on when you designed your character (char bio)at the beginning and from your last 100 interactions with NPCs. For example: Boon Giver may be "negotiate" to give the item to you for free.
  • Merchant item quality has a range of colors, from White to Red.
  • GW2 uses a trading post where people can buy/sell/bid for stuff.
  • Crafting has changed quite a bit - new areas and more refined. There are eight crafting disciplines but can only use two at a time. Must visit master craftsman to switch to other crafting disciplines. The crafting materials and how to craft items are also different.
  • 2,000 FREE gems PER ACCOUNT: April 2012 BETA ONLY
    • Log in to Guild Wars 2 once the Beta Weekend Event has begun(April 27-29, 2012).
    • Open the Gem Store through the commerce icon on the upper left corner of your screen, or by pressing the “O” key on the keyboard.
    • Select the link labeled “Get More Gems” in the Gem Store.
    • Select the Beta Special option.
    • Enter your valid credit card information – don’t worry, you won’t be charged!
    • Confirm the transaction. A hold of $/£1 may be placed on your card, but you will not be charged.
    • Spend your gems on any items in the Gem Store, or trade them for gold through the in-game currency exchange.
    • Recommend uses for the free gems (new characters) are to buy Killstreak Experience Boost (+100% exp. for 30 secs but restart counter if a critter is killed), or Experience Boost (+50% exp from kills for ONE hour).


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