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The Alliance  

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Protectors Of The Nights PROT
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 20

Welcome to our alliance website! Check out our upcoming alliance activities below. Each guild in our alliance may have their own activities so click on their respective guild tab or contact their guild leader to find out. Check out our Craft Trading and Useful Links pages also. If you have any questions/comments, please contact Kyll NeverDawn: email (In-game & Facebook = Kyll NeverDawn). Lastly, if you wish to join one of our guilds, please contact in-game the guild leader or officers of that guild.

NOTE: Our GW2 world will be Sanctum of Rall. You must be in this world to join us for WvW and other events!!!

Alliance Activities

We have a variety and on-the-fly activities. However, below are our common ones. Alliance activities are opened to everyone in the alliance and invited guests.



Weekend: Possible weekend group activity - see guild announcement


  • Temporary alliance change - in order to help members get both Kurzicks and Luxon Factions titles, our alliance (all guilds) would change alliance (Kurz <-> Lux) from time-to-time. Change history: 28-Sept-2011 (Kurz->Lux)

Alliance Rules

We have these basic rules that we ask from members:

  • Be respectful to others as you would want to be respected - no verbal/racial abuse, leeching, botting, scamming, stealing (include recruiting peeps within this alliance), cheating, excess cursing, lying, and rage quitting habits. (Leeching is allowed for raptor farming, paid services, and/or agreed by your party).
    • If someone scammed, cheated, stole, or was abusive to you, please report to your guild leader and/or an officer. If no one was available at that time, you can report the perpetrator(s) online HERE. Note: If you can screen capture your chat conversation with that abusive individual(s) and submit it as an attachment, you have a better chance of winning your case. Remember to select "Rules and Policies" under Category section, and "Violations Report" under Department.
    • If the individual is leeching or botting during game play, let everyone in your party knows in team chat that s/he is leeching/botting, and report him/her by clicking on that character and type "/report" in any chat line. A screen will pop up where you can submit your issue. Note: Due to some players lying about others who were actually not being abusive during game play, you must have others report the same incident otherwise you may be penalized.
    • If the abuser is a guild member in our alliance, please chat in private with your guild leader first.
  • Be patient when asking for help - others may be busy at the moment. Persistent whining, begging, and making unreasonable demands will be taken as grounds for dismissal from your guild.
  • Be polite to others - you are a representative of your guild and our alliance. People can report you if you have acted inappropriately. They may report your action back to your guild leader, where s/he will take the appropriate action.
  • Be active and helpful - a guild/alliance is only as good as its members. Being an active member (play on a regularly basis and be actively involved in your guild/alliance) will not only make your gaming more fun but it helps to learn GW faster. NOTE: all members from PROT guild who are absent from the guild for more than one month without notifying the guild leader or officers may be removed/kicked from the guild but an invite will be sent for those who wishes to come back later on. Officers are expected to be active and assist members when possible. If a PROT officer who is absent from the guild for more than two weeks without an explanation, s/he may be demoted to a member. If you are not in the PROT guild, please check with your guild leader for membership rules. Inactive guild(s) over two months will temporary be removed from the alliance.
  • NOTE: the rules may change/alter by the alliance/guild leader(s). Their decision will be final.


The following netiquettes help to create a better and friendlier alliance:

  • Use Alliance Chat
  • Greet members (examples: say hello when log on, good bye when leaving, etc.).
  • Post info (example: going to mission/dungeon/AB/etc) if you would like others to join.
  • Set Player Status to Away if you're going to be AFK for a long time - can also leave your character/toon in the guildhall.

Please let your guild leader or officers know if you ever have any concerns. Remember, we are all here to have fun :-).

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