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Useful Links

For new peeps to GW (or useful links to remember):

  • Type "/bonus" from your chat line in a town or guildhall to get a set of free weapons
  • Free (one time per account) @50k worth of Zkeys or Zaishen keys (while GW still offers this opportunity) - talk to High Priest Zhang in the Great Temple of Balthazar, then talk to Tolkano [Tournament] to trade in for your Tournament Reward Points for Zaishen keys (10) - second option from the bottom of Tolkano's screen.
  • Everything GW
  • GW gaming slangs and other urban slangs
  • See Special commands or emotes
  • Nicholas the Traveler: Note: Nick collects a new item every week and gives five(5) gifts per account per week - worth 20-25k total
  • Remember to take the Attribute point quests to gain the +30 extra attribute points. Your character should have 200 max attribute points.
  • Download and track your characters progress using this Scorecard (Kyll sample scorecard)
  • We are using Dolby Axon - free, no ads, graphical voice chat. Some alliance members using Dolby are kyllneverdawn, darkcrow, romeric, lestatsprotege, meliamoore, and sachi28.
  • Daily GW Crafting update can be download from HERE!
  • To update your GW to the latest version without running through all GW's areas: copy everything inside this parenthesis ("C:\Program Files\Guild Wars\Gw.exe" -image) and paste into your Windows -> Start -> Run -> command prompt area. This is assuming your GW is stored (by default) in your Program Files area.

Guild Wars (Prophecy, Nightfall, Factions) and EOTN expansion:

Guild Wars Beyond: The transition from GW to GW2

Guild Wars 2:

Guide for Experienced Players:

Beginner Farming:

  • For beginners and low-level characters, one starting area could be farming Mantid Pincers in Sunqua Vale, and trade 3 of them to Marik Kuri for one Salvage Kit, Identification Kit or Belt Pouch. Merchants sell these items for 100gp each. One may be able to sell to players for 50gp each (about half way between what the traders are willing to sell and buy). Sunqua Vale is just East of Shing Jea Monastery in Factions. Marik Kuri can be found near the water edge to the south of Sunqua Vale. Repeat mantid pincers farming as needed.
  • Note 1: the drop rate and quality of the drop will decrease if over-farming in an area. It is recommended to farm, go elsewhere to farm, and come back at another time. In some cases like buried treasure farming, it could take a month or more before the drops/rewards return to normal.
  • Note 2: since hero(es) and/or hench(es) are part of the party, eventhough you do not see the drops, they will have equal share of the drops including gold coins. To maximize your farming, you may want to farm solo.

Advanced (Solo) Farming: - see Craft Trading page also

  • Anti-farming rules.
  • Granite Slab/Lump of Charcoal/Gold HM farming with 55-necro, can also be done with Signet of Spirits (SoS) build.
  • Raptor farming with E/Me in NM, HM, with W/N, with N/W.
  • Feather farming tips and locations.
  • Destroyer Core farming with W/Rt.
  • Elemental Sword farming outside of Rata Sum against Wind Rider (Tarnished Coast).
  • Buried treasures farming can yield about 20k in cash plus gold drops PER character (not account-based). It is recommend that your character has completed Nightfall. Recommend to farm in Normal Mode since Buried Treasures farming in Hard Mode seems to have no impact on the quality of the treasure. That character will be unable to do Buried Treasures farm again for a period of time. Over-farming will result in lower quality drops (example: purple/grape or no drops rather than gold drops).
  • One of the best places to level up your character or hero(es) safely, gain survival title in less than 10 hours, gain lucky/unlucky titles and farm for unid (unidentified gold weps) is to snow wurm-farming outside of Boreal Station, EOTN. Farming steps below:
    • Best build is probably SoS plus a running spell.
    • Since these Snow Wurm do not have distance attack, as long as your character stays a short distance away from them, you will not get hurt. As such, you should also put all your attributes into offensive attacks, such as, changing your non-stacking head gear rune to +3 to max your damages.
    • To maximize your experience gain, you need to farm in Hard Mode and also use experience scroll from Scroll Trader (preferably Scroll of Slayer's Insight since it will max your character's experience gain at 350% in Hard Mode).
    • To maximize your drops, you should farm solo. However, multiplayer can benefit from group farming since you can share experience scrolls and quicker farming.
    • Norm reputation points farming can also be gain here for Norn rank title.
    • Drunkard Title can also be gain here especially if you use with drunk spells such as, Drunken Master.
    • Leeching won't work here (tried it). Experience would be shared.
      • 1) Map to Boreal Station, EOTN (make sure you have enough experience scrolls, lockpicks, and alcohol. Clear your inventory also).
      • 2) Make sure Hard Mode and your Norn title is checked (give +100 health in Norn territory). Keep your inventory open and to the side.
      • 3) Leave Boreal Station at the West gate. Re-enter Boreal Station so when you resign you will be near to the exit. Exit Boreal.
      • 4) When you are outside of Boreal Station, drink your alcohol, use your run spell, cast your experience scroll, and tag the nearby Norn shrine (Tjorvi) - make sure you have killed him safely before the farming.
      • 5) Run North-West toward the snow wurms. Attack the wurms in a circular path. There are ten (10) wurms. STOP and resign before you get to the Pinesouls eventhough there are three (3) more snow wurms near there. The Pinesouls will charge fast and attack your character, possibly causing you to lose your survival title. There are also one or two chests in the area.
      • 6) Each killed snow wurm provides 924 experience points, 9,240 experience points total for the 10 snow wurms. Each run should take less than four minutes. Even at 4 minutes for each run, you should be able to do 15 runs in an hour (138,600 exp). You should be able to receive your Legendary Survival title (1,337,500 experience points) less than 9 hours 40 minutes total. For survival farming, this method is better and a lot safer than farming with Kilroy Stoneskin in Gunnar's Hold or FOW farming. See Snow Wrum Farm build in the Useful Builds below also.

Elite Areas:

Useful Builds: If you would like to donate your build but don't know how to post on GW Wiki, please ask someone who can or contact Kyll NeverDawn.

Profession Donated By Best For Skill bar Notes
Nancy Brown Feather Farming
Vengeful Was Khanhei.jpg
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg
Flame Djinn's Haste.jpg
Drunken Master.jpg
Elemental Lord.jpg
Aura of Restoration.jpg
Template Code: OghjowMTITWMID3ClVqi4gfe0CA
Kyll NeverDawn FA Turtle Killer
Life Transfer.jpg
Blood Drinker.jpg
Plague Sending.jpg
Oppressive Gaze.jpg
Desecrate Enchantments.jpg
Shivers of Dread.jpg
Death's Charge.jpg
Dark Escape.jpg
Template Code: OAdUQYjc2vN+BaYlAsBHeh4uGIA, bring a cold weapon, max Blood attribute points
Kyll NeverDawn Snipe & Run
Ebon Battle Standard of Wisdom.jpg
Arcane Echo.jpg
Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support.jpg
Signet of Sorrow.jpg
Signet of Lost Souls.jpg
Hexer's Vigor.jpg
Template Code: OAVCY8x0aJu4SguoSwUVVlWI. Cast 1 & 2, spam Arcane Echo, Sniper, and Echo, last 3 spells can be substitute for your preferred spells
Kyll NeverDawn JQ Suicide Necro
Dark Aura.jpg
Death Nova.jpg
Shadow Form.jpg
Dark Escape.jpg
Death's Charge.jpg
Putrid Explosion.jpg
Plague Sending.jpg
Wallow's Bite.jpg
Template Code: OAdUQwCbkvO0B0gOrBi7+CVCbIA. Cast 1..3 before leaving fort, run, teleport to enemy shrine, spam last 3 spells until death. Mesmers with enchantment removal bites.
Kyll NeverDawn Spirit Bomber
Feel No Pain.jpg
Boon of Creation.jpg
Explosive Growth.jpg
Signet of Spirits.jpg
Arcane Echo.jpg
Rupture Soul.jpg
Summon Spirits.jpg
Template Code: OAWjAOiMJT4kOTNTXTYOLBVO0gA. Feel No Pain with alcohol and Boon of Creation help with health and energy buffs, use Arcane Echo with Rupture Soul
Kyll NeverDawn Snow Wurm Farm
Drunken Master.jpg
Signet of Spirits.jpg
Painful Bond.jpg
Summon Spirits.jpg
Template Code: OACjAyhjITqidilTfTXTwlVT0gA. Drunken Master with alcohol helps with speed boost. Can replace Vampirism with Air of Superiority or other spike damage spell

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